How To Advertise On Instagram For Free

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites, with over 1 billion monthly users. This also makes it a great platform to advertise your brand. If you are on a budget, you may wonder if it’s possible to advertise your products or services on Instagram for free. This article will guide you on how to do that.

How Effective is Instagram Advertising?

To help you understand the effectiveness of Instagram advertising, here are a few statistics you need to know:

  • Instagram is the fourth most visited site in the world, with 6.8 billion visits. Only  Google, Facebook, and YouTube have more visitors than Instagram.
  • Instagram is the 10th most searched site on Google.
  • Instagram is the third most popular social media site.
  • 60.9% of Instagram users use the app to reach brands.
  • Ads on Instagram stories reach 959.7 billion. This is about 72.8% of the total reach of Instagram ads.
  • 90% of Instagram users agree to follow brands.
  • 72% of marketers use Instagram for influencer marketing.

Tips to Advertise on Instagram For Free

The easiest way of marketing on Instagram is by running ads, even though Instagram advertising costs can be high. Therefore, it can be hard if your business is small with a limited marketing budget. Here are a few ways you should consider advertising on Instagram for free. Additionally, if you’re looking to amplify your Instagram presence, you can explore options like partnering with influencers, engaging in strategic collaborations, or leveraging platforms like Mixx for organic growth.

Content publishing

The most obvious way of reaching your target audience is by creating content that your audience will love. You need to experiment with what works for your audience. A good idea would be to publish at least one post per day. But even as you create more content, you need to know how to drive more engagement on the content. To do that, you must understand the best time to post on IG.

Experiment with different content, such as stories, reels, videos, images, etc. To create content your audience will love, ensure you have a comprehensive Instagram content strategy as part of your social media strategy. You should also leverage data to determine the content your audience is looking for. Remember that while you can easily make sales on Instagram, you should make your account more people-centric.

Leverage on user-generated content

If you are a  business starting on Instagram, it can be hard to get noticed. One of the ways you can build your brand reputation is by creating a community of followers that creates content on your behalf. You can combine this with branded hashtags to help you spread the word.

UGC involve asking customers to post pictures of your products.

Some of the groups of people who can make user-generated  content on your behalf are:

  • Customers. You can encourage your customers to post videos while unboxing your products. You dont have to pay them, but you can reward the videos with the most likes with free products.
  • Brand loyalist. The brand loyalists, also known as fans, are most passionate about your products and services. Asking them to create UGC can help spread the word about your brand, product, or services.
  • Employees. You can ask employees to help create content showing the brand’s story. It could be the manufacturing process, customer service department, and more.

Run contests and promotions.

One of the best ways of promoting your Instagram account is by running contests and giveaways. This will excite your audience as they will have something they can share. For a chance to win a product, many Instagram users will be ready to take action, like sharing your posts. In return, this will make your content visible to many users.

Drive engagement using stories and stickers

Instagram stories are one of the best ways of engaging with your audience informally. When doing so,remember that including your product images in the stories isn’t enough. Some of the content you can add to your stories are:

  • Brand story: How,  when, and where did you create the business? Include the challenges you faced in creating the business and some of your proud moments.
  • Behind the scenes. Your audience also wants to know the process involved in making your products. They want to see the people and process behind the product.

 To add to the engagement level, use stickers in your stories. There are tons of such stickers on Instagram, including polls, locations, countdowns, and questions. The question sticker is a feature commonly used by many celebrities, and you can use it for your small business, too. You can use it to ask their opinion on a niche-related question, ask for customer feedback on a recent campaign, and more.

Cross-promote across different channels.

You will realize that some social media users are on other sites but not Instagram. This means that if you are only promoting your business on Instagram, you might be missing a lot of traffic. An excellent solution to this problem is to cross-promote your post across different social media sites.

While your primary target is Instagram, you can have other YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook, or Pinterest users who may be interested in your content. For instance, if you run a giveaway on  Instagram to promote your account, you can promote it also on these social media sites.

Work with micro and nano influencers

Let’s face it. Influencer collaboration is one of the most effective marketing methods on Instagram.  However, if you are a small brand getting started, you may not have the resources to hire a mega influencer. You don’t have to worry; there is a way out of working with nano or micro-influencers.

A micro-influencer has a follower count of between 1000 and 100K. On the other hand, a nano influencer has a follower count of between 1K and 10K followers. While their follower count is lower, they deliver better results and have engaging followers.  This is why the use of nano influencers is among the latest trends.

Nano influencers can advertise on Instagram for free.

These groups are usually looking for partnerships with brands.  You can send them your products and ask them to review them.  Many of them will gladly accept and will help promote your brand. You can find micro and nano influencers on the influencer marketing platforms.


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