Understanding The Effect Of Before And After Advertising

If you have encountered a weight loss program online, there is a chance that the ad had two images: One showing the before and the other showing the after. This is what is known as the before and after advertising. This form of advertising aims to show the positive effects of using the product. 

The advertiser uses contrast to show the benefits of a product and show evidence that a product positively affects the user. This article will examine whether and how to implement it when creating a social media ad copy that converts.

How To Use The Before And After Advertising

You can use this form of advertising in your ads in two ways. These are:

The solution method

In this method, you should begin by identifying the problem your product will solve. It could be a product like a hair growth product or weight loss. For this example, let’s go with acne healing product. You have to identify the problem, which is people with acne. By using your product, people are going to get a smooth skin.

After identifying the problem and the solution, you will highlight the problem through visual elements. You can have an image of an unhappy woman experiencing acne. After that, you will use visuals to highlight how the product solved the issue. In this case, you will have a  picture of the woman whose skin gets better after using the product. You can then add a  copy or tagline to connect the image with the tagline.

Skincare products use before and after advertising.

The Problem method

In this method, you should identify the problem your product will solve. However, the solution comes before the problem. In the first image, you can show how things were before the problem occurred. 

In the second image, you can show how things worsened after the problem. Add a tagline to connect the visuals with the message. This form of before and after advertising is commonly used by humanitarian organizations showing the effects of war.

For instance, they may show a picture of a happy family enjoying a meal in their decent family home. The second picture can show the situation after the war, where the family lived in poverty in a refugee camp.

The constant problem angle

In this before-and-after advertising method, the advertiser keeps the problem constant in both visuals. The ad takes advantage of the before and after advertising as people expect the problem to change. But instead of a solution popping up, the problem persisted.

Why Before And After Advertising Is Effective

There are several reasons why before and after ads are effective. These include:

Gives a clear goal

Targeting the right people with social media ads is crucial for success. The before and after ads give individuals a clear goal to strive towards, instilling a sense of security as they navigate their journey. These ads effectively map out the path to desired outcomes, guiding users toward future success. On top of that, if you’re a seasoned professional in social media or advertising fields, share your experiences with numerous YouTube viewers, spreading valuable tips. Check out Socialgreg’s services to connect with myriad subscribers.

Shows product credibility

When people buy a product, there is always an element of fear that it might not work, which means they will end up throwing away their money. The before and after ads aim to dispel this fear. They prove that a product works and removes the fear of losing money.

 Confidence in product

By adding the before and after images, the seller shows they know their products well.  This confidence also affects the confidence of their audience.

Provides a good solution

When someone is suffering from a problem such as obesity, they want to find a solution to their problem. The before and after advertising proves the product is the solution they seek.

Best Practices When Using Before And After Advertising 

Whether you are using Pinterest ads or Facebook ads, here are tips you should follow for the best results in before and after ads:

Choose the right angle

When doing a before and after Facebook ad, you will realize that the size of the image will be limited to the space of the Facebook ad. If it will be easy to comprehend an image, you should choose the right angle. When taking the before and after photo, you should:

  • Stand far away from the content to make it easy to understand.
  • Ensure that the angle highlights the key features.

Ample lighting

No matter what kind of image you are taking, lighting is the most critical factor of a clever Facebook ad strategy. Using poor-quality lighting, even the most beautiful product will look mediocre. For both images, make sure you:

  •  Use as much natural light as possible.
  • Should be evenly distributed throughout the image.
  • Consistence in tone and brightness across both images.

Use matching images

 As the name suggests, the before and after images are supposed to show two similar images with different effects. It should reflect rational appeal in advertising. That means you should have matching imagery for both. This will help you grab the Facebook user’s attention as much as possible. Before they even read the caption, they should be able to understand that it is a before-and-after image.

Beard products use the before and after advertising

Before and after Facebook Ads

Can you use the before and after advertisements on Facebook ads? The answer is yes and no. Facebook has changed its policy banning the use of before and after ads. The reason is that this is one marketing method that has been abused by advertisers who provide fake before and after photos.

 However, there are still other areas where you can put your before and after photos. These are:

  • In ad comments
  • Landing pages
  • Email sequence
  • Chatbox sequence
  • Website

In Conclusion

Before and after advertising is one of the marketing methods that has been used for a long time. It has been proven to be effective as it shows the credibility and effectiveness of a product. If you are wondering where to get started with the before and after ads, this guide will help you.


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