Sharmax: Brand History and Country of Origin

Founded in a quaint Italian town in 2014, Sharmax Motors has rapidly evolved from a modest workshop into a prominent global manufacturer of motorcycles, ATVs, buggies, and an array of watersport equipment. With its headquarters in Dubai, UAE, Sharmax has established an extensive dealership network across more than 25 countries, primarily in the EMEA region, reflecting its significant international presence. For those interested in the specific manufacturing origins of Sharmax products, find out below more details on the country where Sharmax motorcycles are made.

A Swift Ascent to Prominence

The journey of the brand began almost a decade ago in a small workshop in North Italy, where a group of motorcycle enthusiasts crafted bikes primarily for their own enjoyment. What started as a passionate hobby gradually transformed into a burgeoning business. This operation soon caught the eye of major investors who recognized its potential and officially established the Sharmax brand.

By 2015, among various models created in the workshop, the founders honed in on what would come to define Sharmax: the off-road motorcycle series. The Sharmax Power Max 250 emerged as the flagship model of this series and quickly became the cornerstone of the Sharmax lineup. Its unmatched performance and reliability rapidly made it a favorite among Italian riders, firmly establishing the brand’s reputation in the competitive motorcycle market.

Production Expansion and Current Capabilities

In 2016, as part of its growth trajectory, Sharmax Motors established its manufacturing base in China. This decision not only leveraged China’s advanced production technology and cost efficiency but also aligned with Sharmax’s strategic goal of scaling production while maintaining high standards of quality and affordability. 

Currently, Sharmax’s production facilities boast an impressive capacity to produce around 10,000 units annually, encompassing a range of motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs. This substantial production capability ensures that Sharmax can meet the growing demand for its diverse product line across its global markets.

Diversifying into Watersports and More

By 2018, Sharmax ventured into the watersport industry, introducing products such as outboard motors, rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RIBs), and stand-up paddleboards (SUPs). This diversification reflected the brand’s adaptability and its ambition to cater to a wider range of outdoor sports enthusiasts.

The launch of the Sharmax Expert Pro enduro series in 2019 marked another milestone for the company. These motorcycles are equipped with low-carbon exhaust engines, showcasing Sharmax’s commitment to environmental sustainability alongside innovation.

Expanding into Winter Sports and Leisure Vehicles

The year 2021 was pivotal for Sharmax Motors as it added snowmobiles and motor sleds to its impressive array of products, just before introducing golf carts in 2023. These expansions not only diversified the product offerings but also cemented Sharmax’s reputation as a versatile manufacturer in motorsport equipment.

Between 2021 and 2023, Sharmax focused on expanding its global footprint, successfully increasing its network of stores and opening a new hub and showroom in Dubai, further strengthening its ties to the city where its operational headquarters reside.

Strengthening Global Presence with Dubai Hub

In late 2023, Sharmax Motors further solidified its global footprint by inaugurating a new hub and showroom in Dubai. This strategic expansion not only serves as a central sales and distribution center but also enhances the brand’s visibility and accessibility in one of the most dynamic markets in the world. 

The Dubai hub is designed to showcase the full range of Sharmax’s products, providing customers with direct access to the latest models and top-tier customer service. This facility underscores Sharmax’s commitment to strengthening its relationships with customers and partners in the Middle East and beyond.

Production and Global Reach

Today, Sharmax Motors designs and manufactures a wide range of vehicles including motorcycles ranging from 125cc to 1000cc, ATVs from 150cc to 1000cc, and UTVs from 250cc to 1000cc. With an annual production capacity exceeding 10,000 vehicles, Sharmax is a major player in the global market, supported by a growing network of partners and dealerships.


As Sharmax Motors continues to innovate and expand, the company is strategically focusing on new market opportunities and the significant potential of the middle segment of the motorsport equipment market. With its robust growth and expansion into diverse product lines, Sharmax is not only solidifying its position in existing markets but also aggressively pursuing new territories. The recent establishment of a new hub and showroom in Dubai epitomizes this vision, positioning Sharmax to tap into emerging markets across the Middle East and beyond. By continuously evolving its product offerings and enhancing its operational capabilities, Sharmax Motors is well on its way to becoming a dominant force in the global motorsport industry, ensuring that enthusiasts around the world have access to high-quality, versatile, and affordable motorsport vehicles.

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