Guide To Procure Custom Foam Glow Sticks Online!

Some people think that ordering custom products is a daunting task. However, Party Glowz have made custom ordering of foam glow sticks and other products easy breezy for you. LED foam sticks come in a variety of colors and they can have any print of your choice on them which suits your purpose. To procure custom foam glow sticks online from Party Glowz website, follow these steps:

Check The Specifications Of The Product:

The basic specifications of the foam glow sticks need to be checked first in order to get it printed. Look for dimensions, colors, reviews and ratings of the light up sticks to ensure they are as per your requirements and high quality standards. Party Glowz offer various customization options along with impeccable product quality and customer service for a splendid glow sticks party.

Check Customisation Options:

There are multiple sizes and colors available in LED light sticks which are open to customisation with respect to the print on them. You can easily get any font style and font size text printed along with logos and figures. Please check the specifications on the allowed character limit for these foam light sticks.

Upload Logo And Text:

There is a space provided on the custom foam glow sticks page to upload logo and text based on your specific requirements along with the desired quantity and other details. The price of each custom foam glow stick is mentioned on the page itself.

Review Sample Products:

If the quantity of glow batons you need is very high then you can request samples as well. Talk to the customer support team which is available 24/7 in order to request a quote and ask for sample products. However, this is an optional step as you can simply place an order for these wands and get them delivered.

Place Order:

Once you have finalized the customization details of glow wands or foam batons, place your order. Make sure to review the order confirmation carefully to ensure all the details of led glow foam sticks are correct. Make foam glow sticks bulk purchase to get the best price and to enjoy the spectacle using various light modes.

Confirm Production And Delivery Times:

Confirm the production timeline and estimated delivery date with the Party Glowz team. Make sure they can meet your deadline, especially if you need the custom foam glow sticks for a specific event or occasion like a birthday party, dance party, Christmas, halloween, wedding party, Mardi Gras, new year, etc.

Payment And Shipping:

There are multiple payment modes which can be followed for finalizing the order. Choose as per your convenience and make sure to provide accurate shipping information to avoid delays.

Inspect Upon Arrival:

Once the custom foam glow sticks are delivered, inspect them to ensure they meet your expectations in terms of quality and customization. If there are any issues or discrepancies, contact the Party Glowz immediately to resolve them.

By following these steps, you can effectively procure custom foam glow sticks online tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Other glow in the dark party supplies are also available in custom format.

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