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Are you a flamingo lover looking for the ideal moniker for your feathered companion? There’s nowhere else to look! Our collection of more than flamingo names, which range from adorable to funny, is sure to please any flamingo enthusiast. Flamingos are adored all around the world for their distinctive pink

plumage and graceful disposition. A thrilling experience awaits you when you name these magnificent birds, whether you own a flamingo as a pet or just observe them. Discover ideas from our collection that are perfect for anyone with a taste for the glitzy and entertaining!

Interesting Facts

  • Flamboyant Feathers: Flamingos‘ vibrant pink hue comes from their diet rich in pigmented organisms like shrimp and algae.
  • Social Butterflies: These highly social birds gather in large flocks, often consisting of hundreds or even thousands, creating breathtaking spectacles.
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Best Names for Flamingo

English NameOriginUrdu Name
SunsetEnglishغروب آفتاب
Pinkie PieEnglishپنکی پائی
FlamingbirdEnglishفلیمنگ برڈ
Pinky PromiseEnglishپنکی وعدہ

Male Names for Flamingo

We’ve included a list of imaginative boy flamingo names below to help you choose the perfect name for your little one. There are names in this collection for every kind of flamingo enthusiast, from strong and masculine to wacky and playful. Come along and discover the cutest boy flamingo names you’ve ever seen.

English NameOriginUrdu Name
Sunny BoyEnglishسنی بوائے
Captain PinkEnglishکپتان پنک
SunsetterEnglishسن سیٹر
Pink PantherEnglishپنک پانتھر
Flamingo JoeEnglishفلیمنگو جو
Pinky TuscaderoEnglishپنکی ٹسکادیرو
Flamingus MaximusEnglishفلیمنگس میکسیمس
SunriseEnglishسن رائز
Flamingo BobEnglishفلیمنگو باب
Pinky LeeEnglishپنکی لی
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Female Names For Flamingo

If you would like to name a female flamingo, this is the place to do so. The list of girl flamingo names is below; we’re sure you’ll find one that encapsulates your feathery friend’s personality. There are names on this list that appeal to both conventional and sophisticated flamingo lovers as well as those who are wacky and lively.

English NameOriginUrdu Name
SunsettaEnglishسن سیٹا
Ruby RoseEnglishروبی روز
Magenta MarieEnglishمیجینٹا ماری
Flaming DaisyEnglishفلیمنگ ڈیزی
Pinkie BelleEnglishپنکی بیل
Coralie AnneFrenchکورالی این
Coraline MarieEnglishکورالائن ماری

Pet Names for Flamingo

English NameOriginUrdu Name
Pinkie PetEnglishپنکی پیٹ
SunnybirdEnglishسنی برڈ
Feathered FriendEnglishپر پرندہ دوست
Coral CompanionEnglishکورل ہمراہ
Peachy PalEnglishپیچی دوست
Rosy PalEnglishروزی دوست
Blaze BuddyEnglishبلیز دوست
Pink PalsEnglishپنک دوست
Flamingo FellowEnglishفلیمنگو ساتھی
Coral CohortEnglishکورل ساتھی
Petal PalsEnglishپیٹل دوست
Phoenix PalGreekفینکس دوست
Flamingo FlockmateEnglishفلیمنگو گروپ کا ساتھی
Sunny SidekickEnglishسنی سائیڈ کک
Pinkie PartnerEnglishپنکی شراکت دار
Flamingo FriendoEnglishفلیمنگو دوست
Feathered FlockmateEnglishپرندوں کا گروپ کا ساتھی
Sunny MateEnglishسنی یار
Flamingo Furry FriendEnglishفلیمنگو بلیس
Rosy FriendEnglishروزی دوست
Peachy PartnerEnglishپیچی شراکت دار
Blaze BudEnglishبلیز دوست
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Cute Names Of Flamingo

Flamboyance is the term for a bunch of flamingos, did you know that? It’s accurate! Flamingos are stunning animals that captivate onlookers from a distance with their pink feathers. You must be content if you have the good fortune to own one of these endearing birds as a pet.

But before you can devote your days to caring for them, you must give them a name, and I believe that name should adequately capture their adorable nature. Fortunately, we have saved the day for you by providing a list of adorable names for your pet flamingo!

English NameOriginUrdu Name
Baby PinkEnglishبچہ گلابی
Cutie PieEnglishکیوٹی پائی
Little PinkEnglishچھوٹا گلابی
CuddlesEnglishگلے ملنے
Flamingo FluffEnglishفلیمنگو کی روشنی
Pinky WinkyEnglishپنکی ونکی
LovebirdEnglishمحبت کا پرندہ
Flamingo FuzzEnglishفلیمنگو کی گوند
Sweet PeaEnglishمیٹھا مٹر
Pinky SwearEnglishپنکی وعدہ
SnugglesEnglishگلے لگانے
Fluffy FeatherEnglishفلفی پر
Peaches and CreamEnglishپیچ اور کریم
Rosy CheeksEnglishگلابی گال
Flamingo CuddlebugEnglishفلیمنگو کا کچھوا
Pinky HugsEnglishپنکی بغل
Sweetie PieEnglishمیٹھی پائی
Fuzzy PinkEnglishبہت مبہم گلابی
LovebugEnglishمحبت کا کیڑا
Flamingo FluffballEnglishفلیمنگو کی گولی
Pinky LoveEnglishپنکی محبت

Colored Based Names

English NameMeaningOriginUrdu Name (by yourself)
Rose QuartzA pale pink gemstone resembling the flower roseEnglishگلابی پتھر (Gulabi Pathar)
CranberryA deep red or pinkish-red colorEnglishکرین بیری (Cranberry)
PeachA soft orange-pink colorEnglishآڑو (Aaru)
Sunset PinkA warm pink hue resembling the colors of sunsetEnglishغروبی گلابی (Ghuroobi Gulabi)
Cherry BlossomThe pink flowers of the cherry blossom treeEnglishگلابی گلاب (Gulabi Gulaab)
Lavender-PinkA pale purple-pink shadeEnglishخزاں گلابی (Khizaan Gulabi)
CarnationA light to dark pink color resembling the flowerEnglishگلاب (Gulaab)
CherryA bright red or pinkish-red colorEnglishچیری (Cherry)
Raspberry SorbetA pinkish-red frozen dessert made from raspberriesEnglishرسبیری سوربیٹ (Raspberry Sorbet)
Ruby RedA deep red colorEnglishروبی لال (Ruby Laal)
Flamingo PinkA bright pink color resembling flamingo feathersEnglishفلیمنگو گلابی (Flamingo Gulabi)
Hot MagentaA bright, intense shade of pinkEnglishگرم ماجنٹا (Garam Magenta)
LollypopA vibrant pink color like that of a lollipopEnglishلالی پاپ (Lollypop)
HibiscusA pinkish-red flowerEnglishگدھلی (Gudhali)
Wild RoseA pink flower found in the wildEnglishجنگلی گلاب (Jangli Gulaab)
CeriseA deep to vivid pink colorFrenchسریز (Cerise)
Bubble GumA bright pink color resembling bubble gumEnglishببل گم (Bubble Gum)
MauveA pale purple or pinkish-gray colorFrenchماوو (Mauve)
Peppermint PinkA light pink color like that of peppermint candyEnglishپیپرمنٹ گلابی (Peppermint Gulabi)
Pink RoseA flower with pink petalsEnglishگلابی پھول (Gulabi Phool)
Hot PinkA vivid, bright shade of pinkEnglishگرم گلابی (Garam Gulabi)
CyclamenA pinkish-purple flowerLatinسائکلامن (Cyclamen)
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Good Flamingo Names

English NameOriginUrdu Name
HarmonyEnglishہم آہنگی
HarmonyEnglishہم آہنگی

Cartoon Based Names of Flamingo

With these cute flamingo names inspired by cartoon characters, you may take a tour through the colorful world of animation! This list imaginative and fun names for your flamingo will give it the sensation of a beloved animated character. Get ready to add some vibrant flair to the name of your feathered friend!

English NameOriginUrdu Name
FlappyEnglishنیچے پر

Disney  Names

These charming flamingo names, which are based on well-known Disney characters, will transport you to the enchanted world of Disney! We have included some adorable names on this list to let your flamingo feel like a treasured member of the Disney world. Prepare to add a little Disney enchantment to the name of your feathered companion!

English NameOriginUrdu Name
José CariocaThe Three Caballerosخوسے کاریوکا
RositaThe Three Caballerosروزیتا
Panchito PistolesThe Three Caballerosپانچیتو پسٹولیس
SebastianThe Little Mermaidسباستین
DiabloSleeping Beautyدیابلو
Frou-FrouThe Aristocatsفروفرو
ZazuThe Lion Kingزازو
Cyril ProudbottomThe Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toadسائرل پراؤڈبوٹم
Alice BluebonnetMelody Timeالائس بلیوبونٹ
Pink ElephantsDumboگلابی ہاتھی
Luana PattenSong of the Southلوآنا پیٹن
Madam MimThe Sword in the Stoneمیم میم
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle DumAlice in Wonderlandٹویڈل ڈی اور ٹویڈل ڈم
Gus GusCinderellaگس گس
AngeliqueBeauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmasاینجلیک
BuckyThe Emperor’s New Grooveبکی
Shere KhanThe Jungle Bookشیر خان
KaaThe Jungle Bookکا
ElliotPete’s Dragonایلیٹ
OrvilleThe Rescuersاورویل
OliviaThe Great Mouse Detectiveاولیویا
ToulouseThe Aristocatsٹولوس

Funny Names

These humorous and interesting flamingo names will make you smile, so get ready to giggle and smile! We’ve compiled a selection of clever and humorous names to liven up the personality of your colorful feathered companion. Prepare yourself for some fun and laughter!

Pink PantheraInspired by the Pink Panther character.
FeatherellaFeminine and elegant, combining “Feather” with the suffix “-ella”.
Fanny the FuchsiaPlayful name combining the common name “Fanny” with the color “Fuchsia”.
RoséRefers to pale pink wine, associated with the color pink.
Chick-a-PinkPlayful and cute, combining “Chick” with the color “Pink”.
Greta PinkCommon name “Greta” combined with the color “Pink”.
Fluffy PinkoPlayful name suggesting softness and pink color.
Wink-a-PinkImplies a flirtatious or mischievous character, combining “Wink” with “Pink”.
PlumageCollective term for a bird’s feathers, suggesting flamboyance and colorfulness.
Rosita BonitaSpanish for “pretty Rosita”, implying beauty and charm.
Dotty DazzleSuggests a pattern of dots with brightness and glamour.
FlickerellaFeminine name combining “Flicker” with the suffix “-ella”.
Sassy SambaLively and bold, evoking the Brazilian dance “Samba”.
Tickled PinkyImplies amusement or delight with a touch of pink color.
FeatherstoneFusion of softness and solidity, combining “Feather” with “Stone”.
RoseanneCommon feminine name combined with “Rose”.
Dapper DoodleStylish and playful, suggesting sophistication and creativity.
Pink-a-BooPlayful and hidden, combining “Pink” with “Peek-a-boo”.
Rose PetalEvokes imagery of delicate flower petals with a pink hue.
Tickle TackPlayful name suggesting a light touch with a small sharp object.
Fluffy FloImplies softness and ease with a touch of whimsy.
Fuzzy PeachSoft texture and peachy color, combining “Fuzzy” with “Peach”.
Lulu LaRueCute and lively with a touch of sophistication.
Hissy MissyTemperamental or dramatic with a common name element.
Rosetta StoneFeminine name paired with “Stone”, suggesting durability or strength.
Flicker FlapRapid movement or excitement, combining “Flicker” with “Flap”.
PinkberryEvokes imagery of a pink-colored berry.
Rosie PosieCombines the common feminine name “Rosie” with “Posie”, suggesting a small bouquet.
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Silly Names

NameOriginMeaningUrdu Name
Fanny FlamingoEnglishCombination of “Fanny” (a common name) and “Flamingo”فینی فلامنگو
Pinky PuffEnglishPink-colored puffپنکی پف
Flamingo FlopEnglishDescriptive of a movement or action associated with a flamingoفلامنگو فلاپ
Flicky FlamingoEnglishReflective of a flickering or lively movementفلکی فلامنگو
Flamingo FlingEnglishEnergetic movement, possibly referring to a dance or playful activityفلامنگو فلنگ
Fuzzy FlamingoEnglishSoft and fuzzy flamingoفزی فلامنگو
Flamingo FlipEnglishPlayful flipping motionفلامنگو فلپ
Flamingo FrolicEnglishLively and playful behaviorفلامنگو فروال
Pinky PranceEnglishPlayful and elegant prancingپنکی پرانس
Flamingo FrenzyEnglishWild and energetic movementفلامنگو فرنزی
Fandango FlamingoSpanishLively and spirited, possibly referring to a danceفنڈانگو فلامنگو
Flamingo FiestaSpanishCelebration or party atmosphere associated with a flamingoفلامنگو فیستا
Flamingo FantasiaEnglishImaginative and whimsicalفلامنگو فنٹیزیا
Pinky PeckEnglishPlayful pecking motionپنکی پیک
Flamingo FrolicsEnglishLively and playful behavior (plural form)فلامنگو فرولکس
Flamingo FlutterEnglishRapid and lively movementفلامنگو فلٹر
Flamingo FumbleEnglishPlayful and clumsy actionفلامنگو فمبل
Pinky PaloozaEnglishPlayful and extravagant gatheringپنکی پلوزا
Flamingo FoolEnglishPlayful and foolish behaviorفلامنگو فول
Flamingo FizzEnglishEnergetic and effervescentفلامنگو فز
Pinky ParrotEnglishPlayful combination of “Pinky” and “Parrot”پنکی پیراٹ
Flamingo FlounceEnglishLively and spirited movementفلامنگو فلاونس
Flamingo FrizzleEnglishDynamic and lively movementفلامنگو فریزل

Tropical  Names

NameOriginMeaningUrdu Name
CalypsoGreekNamed after the Greek nymph Calypso, who lived on the island of Ogygia in Greek mythologyکالپسو
CoCoSpanishShortened form of “Coco”, possibly referring to coconut or cocoaکوکو
FijiFijianNamed after the island country of Fijiفجی
HulaHawaiianTraditional Hawaiian danceہولا
KauaiHawaiianNamed after the island of Kauai in Hawaiiکاوائی
LaniHawaiianHawaiian name meaning “heaven” or “sky”لانی
LuauHawaiianHawaiian feast or partyلوآو
Mai TaiPolynesianA tropical cocktailمائی تائی
MangoHindiA tropical fruitآم
MauiHawaiianNamed after the island of Maui in Hawaiiماؤی
OasisArabicA fertile spot in a desert where water is foundواحہ
PineappleEnglishA tropical fruitانناس
TikiMaoriA wooden or stone carving in Maori culture, often representing a human figureٹیکی
TropicaLatinRelating to the tropicsٹروپیکا
WaikikiHawaiianA beachfront neighborhood in Honolulu, Hawaiiوائیکیکی
Key WestEnglishA city in Florida known for its laid-back atmosphere and tropical climateکی ویسٹ

Descriptive  Names of Flamingo

NameOriginMeaningUrdu Name
CoralLatinReferring to the color or the marine invertebrates of the same nameمرجان
RubyLatinA precious red gemstoneروبی
ScarlettEnglishDerived from the word “scarlet,” meaning bright redسکارلیٹ
CrimsonArabicA deep, purplish-red colorلال
MagentaItalianA deep purplish-red colorماجینٹا
FuchsiaGermanA vivid purplish-red colorفیوشیا
CeriseFrenchA bright or deep red colorسریس
SalmonEnglishA pinkish-orange color resembling the flesh of salmon fishسامن
PeachyEnglishResembling the color or taste of a peachپیچی
BlushEnglishA pale pink color or a reddening of the cheeks due to embarrassmentشرم
TawnyEnglishA light brown to brownish-orange colorسنہرا
SunsetEnglishThe time in the evening when the sun disappears or daylight fadesغروب
SunriseEnglishThe time in the morning when the sun appears or daylight beginsطلوع
VermilionLatinA vivid red colorزرخیز
FlamingEnglishResembling flames or being on fireآتشی
CoralineEnglishA feminine form of Coral, also used as a variant of Carolineکورلائن

Flamingo African And Spanish Names

NameOriginMeaningUrdu Name
SadeAfricanHonor or to honorشادہ
KofiAfricanBorn on Friday (Akan origin)کوفی
TafariAfricanHe who inspires awe (Amharic origin)تافاری
DaliaAfricanGentle, soft (Swahili origin)دالیہ
TawiaAfricanBorn on Thursday (Akan origin)تاویا
KwameAfricanBorn on Saturday (Akan origin)کوام
AmaraAfricanGrace or kindness (Igbo origin)امارا
MalaikaAfricanAngel or messenger (Swahili origin)ملائکہ
AshaAfricanLife or hope (Swahili origin)آشا
BikoAfricanReference to “Bantu Stephen Biko,” a South African anti-apartheid activistبیکو
DaudiAfricanBeloved or beloved one (Swahili origin)داؤد
ImaniAfricanFaith or belief (Swahili origin)ایمانی
JabariAfricanBrave or fearless (Swahili origin)جباری
JamilaAfricanBeautiful or elegant (Swahili origin)جمیلہ
JumaAfricanBorn on Friday (Swahili origin)جمعہ
RositaSpanishLittle roseروزیتا
CarmelaSpanishVineyard or orchardکارمیلا
AlejandraSpanishDefender of mankindالہندرہ
IsabellaSpanishDevoted to God or pledged to Godایزابیلا
JuanitaSpanishGod is graciousخوانیتا
PilarSpanishPillar or columnپیلار
MarisolSpanishCombination of “Maria” and “Sol,” meaning “Mary of the Sun”ماریسول
BeatrizSpanishVoyager or travelerبیاتریس
ConsuelaSpanishConsolation or comfortکنسوئیلا
MargaritaSpanishDaisy flower or pearlمارگریتا
LolaSpanishSorrow or painلولا
PalomaSpanishDove or pigeonپالوما
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A To Z Flamingo Names

NameOriginMeaningUrdu Name
AlabasterLatinA type of fine-grained, translucent gypsum mineralالاباستر
BlushEnglishA pale pink colorبلش
BreezeEnglishA gentle wind or something that’s easy to doہوا
BlossomEnglishFlower or bloomکھلتا ہوا
CoralLatinA hard substance formed from the skeletons of marine polypsمرجان
CascadeFrenchA small waterfallکیسیڈ
CelestiaLatinHeavenly or divineسلیسٹیا
DuskMiddle EnglishThe darker stage of twilightڈسک
DewdropMiddle EnglishA drop of dewروسا
DawnMiddle EnglishThe first appearance of light in the sky before sunriseطلوع
EchoGreekA sound repeated by the reflection of sound wavesایکو
EdenHebrewParadise, a place of pristine beauty and innocenceعدن
EmberOld EnglishA small piece of burning or glowing coal or woodجھلک
FlareMiddle EnglishA sudden brief burst of bright flame or lightفلیئر
FlaminglowEnglishA combination of “flamingo” and “glow”فلیمنگلو
FandangoSpanishA lively Spanish danceفنڈانگو
GoldenOld EnglishMade of gold or having the color of goldسنہرا
GemLatinA precious or semiprecious stone, especially when cut and polishedقیمتی پتھر
GraceLatinElegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or actionفضیلت
HibiscusLatinA tropical plant with large brightly colored flowersگرمی کا پودا
HarmonyMiddle EnglishThe combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effectہارمونی
HummingbirdEnglishA small bird capable of hovering in mid-air due to the rapid flapping of its wingsہمنگ برڈ
IrisGreekA plant with sword-shaped leaves and showy flowers, typically purple, yellow, or whiteآنکھ
IvoryLatinA hard, creamy-white substance composing the tusks of an elephantہاتھی دانت
IndigoLatinA deep and rich blue colorانڈیگو
JamboreeHindiA large celebration or partyجمبوری
JubileeHebrewA special anniversary or celebrationجوبیلی
JasminePersianA fragrant white or yellow flowerچمیلی
KissOld EnglishA touch with the lips as a sign of love, greeting, or reverenceبوس
KiteMiddle EnglishA toy consisting of a light frame with thin material stretched over it, flown in the wind at the end of a long stringپتنگ
KismetTurkishDestiny or fateقسمت
LunaLatinThe moonچاند
LagoonItalianA stretch of salt water separated from the sea by a low sandbank or coral reefجھیل
LavenderMiddle EnglishA fragrant plant of the mint familyلیونڈر
MoonlightMiddle EnglishThe light from the moonچاندنی
MistMiddle EnglishA thin fog or hazeدھند
MeadowOld EnglishA piece of grassland, especially one used for hayچمنی
NectarLatinA sugary fluid secreted by plants, especially within flowers to encourage pollination by insects and other animalsشہد
NimbusLatinA luminous cloud or a halo surrounding a supernatural being or a saintہالو
NauticalLatinRelating to ships, sailors, or navigationبحری
OpalLatinA gemstone with a play of colors within itاوپال
OrchidNew LatinA plant with complex flowers that are typically showy or bizarrely shaped, having a large specialized lip (labellum) that functions as a landing pad for pollinatorsآرکید
OasisGreekA fertile spot in a desert where water is foundواحہ
PetalMiddle EnglishEach of the segments of the corolla of a flower, which are modified leaves and are typically coloredپتہ
PeachesMiddle EnglishA round stone fruit with juicy yellow flesh and downy pinkish-yellow skinآڑو
PlumeMiddle EnglishA long, soft feather or arrangement of feathers used by a bird for display or worn by a person for ornamentپلوم
QuasarAbbreviation for “quasi-stellar radio source”An astronomical object that emits intense radio wavesکویسار
QuaintMiddle EnglishAttractively unusual or old-fashionedدلکش
QuiverMiddle EnglishTremble or shake with a slight rapid motionکیمان
RadianceMiddle EnglishLight or heat as emitted or reflected by somethingروشنی
RoseOld EnglishA prickly bush or shrub that typically bears red, pink, yellow, or white fragrant flowersگلاب
RippleMiddle EnglishA small wave or series of waves on the surface of water, especially as caused by a slight breeze or an object dropping into itلہر
SunsetMiddle EnglishThe time in the evening when the sun disappears or daylight fadesغروب
StarlightMiddle EnglishThe light emitted by starsستاروں کی روشنی
SerenadeItalianA piece of music sung or played in the open air, typically by a man at night under the window of his belovedسیرنیڈ
TranquilLatinFree from disturbance, calm, and peacefulسکون
TealMiddle EnglishA small freshwater duck, typically with a greenish band on the wing that is most prominent in flightچھوٹی جھیلی سرخاب
TropicMiddle FrenchThe region between the tropicsحارہ
UtopiaGreekAn imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfectیوٹوپیا
UnityLatinThe state of being united or joined as a wholeاتحاد
UltravioletLatinBeyond violet in the spectrum, corresponding to light having a wavelength shorter than that of violet light but longer than that of X-raysالتراویولٹ
VelvetMiddle EnglishA closely woven fabric of silk, cotton, or nylon that has a thick short pile on one sideویلوٹ
VermilionMiddle EnglishA brilliant red pigment made from mercury sulfideلال
VoyageMiddle EnglishA long journey involving travel by sea or in spaceسفر
WhisperMiddle EnglishA soft or confidential tone of voice, not loud enough to be heard by someone at a distanceپھس پھساہٹ
WillowMiddle EnglishA tree or shrub of temperate climates that typically has narrow leaves, bears catkins, and grows near waterویلو
WisteriaLatinA climbing shrub of the pea family, with hanging clusters of pale bluish-lilac flowersوسٹیریا
XanaduMongolianAn imaginary, idyllic place of great luxury and beautyزنادو
XenonGreekA chemical element of the noble gases group, used especially in discharge lamps and fluorescent lampsزینون
XyloGreekRelating to wood or wooden instrumentsلکڑی
YaraBrazilianWater lady, goddess of the rivers, a mermaid figure in Brazilian mythologyیارا
YonderMiddle EnglishAt some distance in the direction indicated, over thereاس طرف
YasminePersianA fragrant flower, a variant of “Jasmine”یاسمین
ZephyrGreekA gentle, mild breezeزیفر
ZenithMiddle EnglishThe highest point reached by a celestial or other objectزینت

Famous Names

Find out about the well-known names that have decorated the world of flamingos in an attractive and distinguished manner! On this list, we have prominent flamingo names that have garnered attention. Discover inspiration for your vibrant feathered friend from pop culture references to historical figures!

FelipeFantasia 2000
Pinky the FlamingoMilwaukee County Zoo
Flamingo FredThe Fairly OddParents
FabioDirecTV commercials
Pink FloydYooka-Laylee video game
FlammySarasota Jungle Gardens mascot
FeatherFeather and the Flamingos book

Names of Flamingo Start With F

NameOriginUrdu NameMeaning
FijiFijianفیجیFiji (Place name)
FandangoSpanishفنڈانگوA lively Spanish dance
FlamingoraEnglishفلیمنگوراCombination of “flamingo” and “flora”
FawnEnglishفانHiran (ہرن)
FlamingaleEnglishفلیمنگیلCombination of “flamingo” and “nightingale”
FlamettaItalianفلیمیٹاFeminine form of “flame”
FluffEnglishسرپراSarpara (سرپرہ)
FlamingirlEnglishفلیمنگرلCombination of “flamingo” and “girl”
FlamingonEnglishفلیمنگونCombination of “flamingo” and “pigeon”
FableEnglishقصہQissa (قصہ)
FlaminglowEnglishفلیمنگلوCombination of “flamingo” and “glow”
FlamingazeEnglishفلیمنگیزCombination of “flamingo” and “gaze”
FlareonEnglishفلیرونCombination of “flare” and “eon”
FrolicEnglishمستیMasti (مستی)
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Pink Flamingo Names

Greetings from the paradise that is pink! We have compiled a list names that are inspired by the beautiful flamingo and the classic pink hue. Find the perfect name that perfectly captures the elegance and pink essence of your wonderful flamingo buddy!

English NameMeaningUrdu Name
Cotton CandyInspired by the fluffy and sweet treat, representing the softness of your flamingoقطن کینڈی (Qatan Candy)
BubblegumA playful name that reflects the vibrant and fun nature of your flamingoببل گم (Bubble Gum)
RoscoeMeaning “deer forest” and evoking the blush of pinkروزکو (Rosco)
PinkertonA unique name that combines “pink” and “merton,” representing the pink hue and charmپنکرٹن (Pinkerton)
CoralA name inspired by the vibrant and warm tones of coral reefsمرجان (Marjaan)
PeonyA beautiful flower name that embodies the elegance and grace of your flamingoپیونی (Peony)
FuchsiaA bold and vivid name after the vibrant pink hueفیوشیا (Fuchsia)
PippinMeaning “reddish or reddish-brown apple,” representing the touch of pinkپپین (Pippin)
SalmonA name inspired by the delicate shade of pink found in salmon fleshسیلمن (Salmon)
RosyA classic name that represents the rosy and pink blush on your flamingoروزی (Rosy)
PetalA name that symbolizes the delicate and beautiful petals of a flowerپیٹل (Petal)
BubbleA playful and whimsical name that celebrates the joy and bubbly nature of your flamingoببل (Bubble)
MallowInspired by the soft and pastel pink color of marshmallowمالو (Mallow)
AzaleaA name after the stunning pink flowers that bloom in springازالیا (Azalea)
PrimroseA lovely floral name that signifies the first bloom of springپریم روز (Prim Rose)
BerryA sweet and fruity name that reflects the ripe and juicy pink berriesبیری (Berry)
MagentaA vibrant and intense name inspired by the bold shade of pinkماجینٹا (Magenta)
SakuraMeaning “cherry blossom,” a name that captures the delicate and ethereal beauty of pinkساکورا (Sakura)


English NameMeaningOriginUrdu Name
FlamesBright, burning fire or intense passionEnglishآگ (Aag)
FlamA brief burst of flame or intense excitementEnglishفلیم (Flame)
Flammy FlamsPlayful and energetic flamesEnglishفلیمی فلیمز (Flamey Flames)
FlamsterA whimsical or playful variation of “flame”Englishفلیمسٹر (Flamster)
FlamigoA combination of “flame” and “flamingo”Englishفلیمیگو (Flamigo)
RosieA name associated with the color pink or rosesEnglishروزی (Rozi)
PeachesA sweet and juicy fruit, symbolizing warmth and affectionEnglishپیچ (Peach)
FeathersSoft, lightweight plumage covering a birdEnglishپنکھ (Pankh)
CrimsonA deep, rich red colorEnglishسرخ (Surkh)
MarigoldA bright orange or yellow flowerEnglishمیریگولڈ (Marigold)
CoralA hard substance formed from the skeletons of marine polypsEnglishمرجانی (Marjani)
SalmonA shade of pink-orange resembling the color of salmonEnglishسیلمن (Salmon)
FuchsiaA vivid purplish-red colorEnglishفیوشا (Fuchsia)
RubyA deep red gemstoneEnglishروبی (Ruby)
CherryA small, round fruit with a deep red colorEnglishچیری (Cherry)
TangerineA bright orange colorEnglishکینو (Kinoo)
RazzA bright and intense raspberry flavorEnglishریز (Razz)
MagentaA purplish-red colorEnglishمیجینٹا (Magenta)
FluffySoft and light in textureEnglishفلفی (Fluffy)
FeatheryResembling or covered with feathersEnglishپنکھدار (Pankhdaar)
FlappyHaving a tendency to flap or flutterEnglishپھڑپھڑاتا (Pharphata)
Flappy BirdA reference to the popular mobile game “Flappy Bird”Englishفلیمی پرندہ (Flamey Parinda)
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Tips For Choosing A Name

Think about the flamingo’s appearance:

Get name ideas by observing the flamingo’s distinct characteristics, colors, and patterns.

Consider the flamingo’s character:

Pick a name that captures the essence of the flamingo’s character by paying attention to its behavior and disposition.

Examine the symbolism of flamingos:

these plants are frequently connected to beauty, grace, and elegance. Examine the meaning associated with flamingos and select a name that embodies these attributes.

Play with words creatively:

Flamingos are recognizable due to their long legs and curled necks. Try combining words that are associated with these qualities to create original and entertaining names.


Select the perfect moniker for your flamingo friend from our extensive selection! Whether you want something fashionable or cute, there is a name out there that encapsulates the unique charm of your feathery buddy. Feel free to be creative as you select a name that truly speaks to you.

Leave a comment with your selection below! We look forward to hearing from you. Keep in touch with Names Haven if you want to receive endless name inspiration!


  1. Why is giving my flamingo a name so important?
    • Giving your flamingo a name strengthens your bond with it and gives your relationship a more unique touch. Additionally, it adds enjoyment and memorability to exchanges.
  2. How can I give my flamingo the ideal name?
    • Think about your flamingo’s disposition, look, and actions. Additionally, you can get ideas from their distinctive qualities or your preferred themes.
  3. Are there any particular names that work better for flamingos?
    • Though there are no strict guidelines, flamingos’ grace and beauty are sometimes complemented with names that are inspired by water, colors, flowers, or sophisticated themes.
  4. Is it possible to rename my flamingo later on?
    • Of course! If you decide a different name for your flamingo later on or if your tastes alter, feel free to do so.
  5. Should I give my flamingo a gender when naming it?
    • It is all up to you! While some owners favor names that are gender-neutral, others may base their decision on the gender of their flamingo or just go with their instincts.
  6. What happens if my flamingo ignores its name?
    • Be at ease! While flamingos might not react to their names the same way as other pets do, over time, you can train them to understand it by using it frequently when interacting with them.
  7. Where do I get ideas for names for flamingos?
    • Seek for ideas from the natural world, literature, mythology, popular culture, or even try coming up with a catchy moniker that captures the essence of your flamingo’s personality.
  8. How do I tell people what my flamingo’s name is?
    • Proudly tell loved ones, friends, and other flamingo aficionados what your flamingo’s name is. To make friends and share the name of your pet, you can also join social media groups or online forums that are devoted to flamingo lovers.

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