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NAMES FOR PARROTS: Identification and Meanings

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Having a pet parrot is one method to make yourself stand out from the crowd. You and your family can enjoy hours of entertainment from these incredibly unique creatures. They’re really easy to take care of and will provide you a long-lasting bond. To be frank, how many people do you know that keep parrots

as pets? We’re guessing not too many. So why not stand out from the crowd? Owning a parrot not only makes you stand out from other dog and cat owners, but it also makes you special. Depending on what kind of pet you choose, you can benefit from many more advantages

in addition to some of the same ones that typical pet owners enjoy from their furry friends. Actually, having a parrot as a pet has a lot of advantages of its own. Parrots can make wise, melodic, and amiable pets. An intriguing indicator of your parrot’s happiness in your company is when it puffs up its chest and

wags its tail. However, we must caution you that parrots are not intended to be tame if you desire anything resembling a domesticated pet. Thus, it is essential that you educate your bird appropriate behavior if you are a novice pet owner. If not, they could provide some unforeseen difficulties and give

you the creeps! In all their splendor, these birds of paradise are the most fulfilling companions. It makes sense why their alluring feathers, daring antics, and wacky dispositions make them nearly impossible to ignore! When it comes to choosing the ideal name for these birds, parrots don’t really follow the one-

size-fits-all method because of their unique personalities. This makes the mission to find your name all the more difficult. However, now that you’re here, you can put an end to all of your worries because we’ve carefully chosen some of the cutest names for your feathered companion in this article!

Creative Ideas for Parrot Name

Your pet deserves a highly unique name when you possess something so unusual. Here, the conventional Spot, Bob, and Sue just won’t do. A unique name that makes your parrot feel unique is what they need. Keep in mind that your parrot will address you by name, so choose a conversation starter that will be enjoyable for both of you.

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Male Parrot Names

Your male parrot’s charming and cheeky demeanor will make it stand out from any other bird you have ever encountered. There is much more to these cheeky guys than meets the eye, even if their vivid and colorful appearance is what most people find admirable about them!

They are mischievous, daring, manly, and capable of using their feet to hold onto their food as they fervently munch on it! Browse through some of the top male name suggestions we have provided below if you’re searching for a quirky moniker that perfectly captures your new friend:

AcePaco (Peaceful)Cory (Hollow)
Largo (Large)Buster (Tough, strong)Ollie (Olive tree)
Buddy (Friend)Diego (Supplanter)Albert (Noble, bright)
Jackson (Son of Jack)Nemo (Nobody)Wilbur (Will, fortress)
Orville (Gold Town)Ringo (Apple)Macaw (Bright, colorful parrot)
Bobbie (Bright fame)Flyer (One who flies)Glider (One who glides)
Wingham (From the meadow village)Hurley (Sea tide)Leo (Lion)
Rico (Strong ruler)Tarzan (White skin)Santiago (Saint James)
Domingo (Belonging to the Lord)Jet (Black gemstone)Hudson (Son of Hudde)
Finnigan (Fair)Talon (Claw)Seeley (Blessed)
Fiji (Island nation)Charlemagne (Charles the Great)Peru (Land of abundance)

Female Parrot Names

The female parrots are bright and lively on the inside, whereas the males have a considerably more showy exterior. Depending on the type of personality your birdie carries, you can choose to be very feminine or quite feisty while naming your female pet parrot.

But sometimes, it’s also entertaining to give your pet a name that totally contradicts who they actually are! Check out some of the most amazing names that you may choose from for your feathery companion below:

NameMeaningUrdu Name
AbbyJoy, Father of Exaltationآبی
AngelMessenger of Godفرشتہ
AshTree, Happyایش
BettyOath of God, Pledged to Godبیٹی
Betty GrableGraceful and Charming Actressبیٹی گریبل
BobbiBright Fameبوبی
BonniePretty, Charmingبانی
CherubAngelic Beingملکوتی
ChloeBlooming, Fertilityکلوئی
DottyGift of God, Wealthyڈاٹی
DustyBrave, Valiantڈسٹی
GraceyGod’s Favorگریسی
HoneySweet, Nectar of the Godsشہد
KezzyA Spice, Aromaticکیزی
KikaLily, Flowerکیکا
KikiDouble, Returnکیکی
LolitaLittle and Feminineلولیتا
LuckyFortunate, Luckyخوش قسمت
MindyGentle, Kindمندی
NellBright, Shiningنیل
PearlyShining, Whiteپرلی
PepperSpice, Hotمرچ
PixieFairy-like Creatureپکسی
RosieRose, Flowerروزی
SashaDefender of Mankindساشا
ShadowShade, Darknessسایہ
SmokeyEmitting Smoke, Grayسموکی
StarLight, Celestial Bodyستارہ
TalullaAbundance, Leaping Waterتالولہ
TillyBattle Maiden, Mighty in Battleٹلی
TrixieBringer of Joy, Brings Happinessٹریکسی
TwinkleSparkle, Glittering Lightچمک
WandaWanderer, Desiredوانڈا
WillowGraceful and Slender Treeویلو
ZazzaJoy, Laughterززا
ZizziSweet, Full of Flavorززی
ZebsDeer, To Shine Brightlyزیبز
ZolaEarth, Ball of Earth as in Soil or Planetزولا

Is Parrot is Male or Female?

Occasionally, you may discover that the name you painstakingly selected for your bird actually belongs to the wrong gender. Certain birds, like Artha the African Grey or Henry the Jardine parrot, have names that sound a lot like boys even if they are female. When your parrot is very young, it can be difficult to

determine their gender. If your breeder is unable to provide you with this information, a DNA test might be the most reliable method. The vet can take care of this for you. If a DNA test isn’t your thing, you can wait till the bird is a little older and see if it changes color in its feathers or if it lays eggs.

However, it can be exceedingly challenging to determine a bird’s gender by color change, such as in the case of the African Grey. A DNA test might be your best option because any color changes can be rather general.

parrot names

Funny Parrot Names

NameMeaningUrdu Name
SiriBeautiful and Peacefulسیری
Wing ManSupportive Companionپنکھا شریک
GoogleTo Search or Exploreگوگل
Chicken WingSmall Portion of Chicken Meatچکن ونگ
The Songbird of Our GenerationTalented Singer or Musicianہمارے دور کا پرندہ گانے
Loud MouthTalkative, Outspokenبڑا منہ
QuoraQuestion and Answer Platformقوہرہ
Cha ChaDance, Rhythmچا چا
Free BirdIndependent and Unrestrictedآزاد پرندہ
JeevesTrustworthy, Dependable Butlerجیوز
BeakerLaboratory Glasswareبیکر
AlexaDefender of Mankindالیکسا
DeltaChange or Differenceڈیلٹا
ChatterTalkative, Conversationalبکواس
Copy CatImitator, Mimickerکاپی کیٹ
SquackyNoisy, Loudسکواکی
BlabberbeakTalkative, Gossipyبلیبر بیک
GossiperSpreader of Rumorsگوسپر
TattletaleInformer, Snitchچغہ گو
WindbagTalkative, Long-Windedہوا کا بستا
ChatterboxTalkative, Conversationalبکواس باکس
CockyOverconfident, Arrogantگریٹ
Pretty BirdAttractive Avian Creatureخوبصورت پرندہ
ProfessorAcademic, Scholarlyپروفیسر
SinatraSinger, Entertainerسیناٹرہ
Bird BrainSimple, Naiveبرڈ برین
Wingo McFeatherbeakImaginative and Uniqueونگو مکفیتھربیک
ElvisLegendary Musician and Performerالوس
PollywoodHollywood Parodyپولی ووڈ
ParadoxContradictory Statement or Situationپیراڈاکس
NuggetSmall Piece of Valuable Informationنگٹ
PluckerTo Pull or Extractپلکر
RoommateHousemate, Flatmateرومیٹ
Marty McFlyFictional Character from “Back to the Future”مارٹی مک فلائی
FlapperFashionable and Independent Womanفلیپر
BoeingAircraft Manufacturing Companyبوئنگ

Unusual parrot names

NameMeaningUrdu Name
BambooTall Grass with Woody Stemsبامبو
Billy ElliotFictional Character from the Movieبلی ایلیوٹ
Buttons BearCuddly Teddy Bear with Button Eyesبٹنز بئیر
Captain CookBritish Explorer and Navigatorکپتان کوک
CrackersThin, Crisp Biscuitsکریکر
EinsteinBrilliant Physicist and Scientistاائنسٹائن
GigsyNickname for Gigabyteگیگزی
HobnobSocial Interactionہوبناب
J LoNickname for Jennifer Lopezجے لو
Miss MoneypennyFictional Character from James Bond Seriesمس مونی پینی
MozartRenowned Composer and Musicianموزارٹ
Mr SpockFictional Character from Star Trekمسٹر اسپاک
Mrs GNickname for Mrs. Grundyمسز جی
PikachuFictional Character from Pokemon Seriesپیکاچو
Poly-StyreneSynthetic Polymer Materialپولی استائرین
Scooby DooFictional Cartoon Character from Scooby-Dooاسکوبی ڈو
ShrekFictional Ogre Character from the Movieشریک
SmirnoffBrand of Vodkaاسمرناف
SpartacusAncient Roman Gladiatorاسپارٹاکس
Uncle FrankFamilial Term for Uncleانکل فرانک

Popular parrot names

NameMeaningUrdu Name
AngelMessenger of God, Heavenly Beingفرشتہ
BabyInfant, Young Childبچہ
BuddyClose Friend, Companionدوست
CharlieFree Man, Strong, Manlyچارلی
CocoChocolate, Monkeyکوکو
KikiShort for “Kirsten” or “Keiko”کیکی
KiwiFlightless Bird, Fruitکیوی
LuckyFortunate, Luckyخوش قسمت
MangoTropical Fruitآم
MaxGreatest, Mostمیکس
OscarDivine Spear, Friend of Deerاوسکار
PollyDiminutive of “Mary” or “Paula”پولی
RemiOarsman, From the Riverریمی
RioRiver, From the Riverریو
SammyDiminutive of “Samuel” or “Samantha”سامی
SkittlesSmall Candiesاسکٹلز
SunnyBright, Cheerfulسنی
TangoStyle of Dance, Romantic Partnerٹانگو
TikiCarved Figure, Polynesian Cultureٹیکی
TweetyYellow Bird, Fictional Characterٹویٹی
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Additional parrot names from our ExoticDirect family:

We hope that our assistance has been useful to you as you search for the ideal name for your feathery family member. She fits that just as well as your family does.

NameMeaningUrdu Name
AlfieVariant of “Alfred”, Counselor, Wiseالفی
BillyDiminutive of “William”, Resolute Protectorبلی
BubbaBrother, Brotherlyببا
ChaosDisorder, Confusionانتشار
CharlieFree Man, Strong, Manlyچارلی
ColinYoung Boy, Victory of the Peopleکولن
DakotaFriend, Ally, Native American Tribeڈاکوٹا
GeorgeFarmer, Earth Workerجارج
GizmoGadget, Mechanical Deviceگزمو
HenryRuler of the Home, Estate Rulerہینری
JasperTreasurer, Keeper of Treasureجیسپر
Little BillVariant of “William”, Resolute Protectorلٹل بل
LolaStrong Woman, Sorrowful, Lady of Sorrowsلولا
OllieOlive Tree, Peacefulآلی
OzzyDivine Spear, Mighty Warriorاوزی
PatNoble, Patrician, Short for “Patrick”پیٹ
PepperSpice, Hotپیپر
Pika-booShort for Pikachu, Fictional Characterپیکا-بو
RedRed-Haired, Braveلال
RickyBrave Ruler, Peaceful Rulerرکی
RioRiver, From the Riverریو
RosaRose, Flowerروزا
RubyRed Gemstoneروبی
SpikeLong, Thick Nail, Thorn, Peak, Male Goatاسپائیک
TeepeeConical Tent, Native American Dwellingٹیپی
ThorThunder, Norse God of Thunder and Lightningتھور

Famous parrot names

As wonderful as it may sound to put your thinking caps on and allow your artistic side to take over when choosing a name, there is nothing wrong with going a traditional route and selecting a timeless option that will perfectly suit your pet parrot!

We’ve compiled a selection of some of the most well-liked name possibilities below for your consideration. Some of these names are derived from the most well-known celebrities, while others have been handed down through the years by different parrot owners. Please feel free to add your preferences! Look this this

NameMeaningUrdu NameOrigin
Blue (Rio)Blue-colored, Symbolic of Sky and Seaنیلا (ریو)English, Portuguese (Rio)
BossLeader, Supervisor, ManagerبوسEnglish
Captain FlintPirate Captain in “Treasure Island”کپتان فلنٹEnglish
FritzPeace Ruler, Peaceful RulerفرٹزGerman
Grand MacawLarge Macaw, Majestic Parrotبڑا مکاوEnglish
IgnatiusFiery, Ardent, BurningاگنیتیسLatin
LagoParrot Character in “Aladdin”لاگوItalian
Jewel (Rio)Precious Gem, Ornament, Treasureجیویل (ریو)English, Portuguese (Rio)
MichaelWho is like God, Gift from GodمائکلHebrew
PaulieSmall, HumbleپالیLatin
PollyDiminutive of “Mary”, Bitter, SorrowfulپولیEnglish
PolynesiaMany Islands, Group of IslandsپولینیشیاEnglish
PudgySlightly Fat, RoundedموٹاEnglish
SaltyTasting of Salt, Savory, PiquantنمکینEnglish
Short TomShort, Diminutive of “Thomas”شارٹ ٹامEnglish
SkullySkull, Parrot Character in “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”اسکلیEnglish
SweetpeaAffectionate Term, Sweet Pea Plantمیٹھی پیازEnglish
WingerOne who has wings, Part of Bird Used for FlightونگرEnglish
ZazuMovement, Agility, Parrot Character in “The Lion King”زازوSwahili
Zico and ZekaCharacters in “José Carioca”زیکو اور زیکاPortuguese
parrot names

Cute Parrot Names

There’s no doubting that parrots make incredibly cute pets. How awesome would it be to converse with a bird that can understand you, laughs along with you, and enchants you with its antics? Furthermore, these birds’ captivating look and soft, barely-ticking feathers leave you in amazement in addition to their singing prowess and ardor. You need look no farther than this list to get a charming moniker that encapsulates your adorable pet:

NameMeaningUrdu Name
CrackersSnack food, Crispy Biscuitsکریکر
PollyDiminutive of “Mary”, Bitter, Sorrowfulپولی
Jelly BeanColorful candy, Bean-shaped confectioneryجیلی بین
MangoTropical Fruitآم
CookieSweet Biscuitکوکی
TikiPolynesian Culture, Carved Wooden Figureٹیکی
RainbowMulticolored Arch, Natural Phenomenonقوس قزح
TriscuitBrand of Crackersٹریسکٹ
BambooTall Woody Grassبانس
BlueberrySmall Blue Fruitبلیوبری
SugarSweet Substanceشکر
CuckooBird known for distinctive callکوکو
CarrotOrange Vegetableگاجر
SingerOne who sings, Vocalistگانے والا
TwitterSocial Media Platformٹویٹر
SkyAtmosphere above Earthآسمان
AveryRuler of the Elves, Elf Kingایویری
ChirpShort, High-Pitched Soundچرب
SparkleSmall, Bright Flashes of Lightچمک
SkittlesColorful Candyامرت
PocketsSmall Bags or Pouchesجیبیں
PeanutEdible Seed, Nutمونگ پھلی
BirdieSmall Bird, Term of Endearmentچھوٹا پرندہ
ButterflyInsect with large colorful wingsتتلی
SpringSeason of the Yearبہار
ParisCapital City of Franceپیرس
MacyFirebrand, Weapon, Projectileمیسی
JourneyTravel, Tripسفر
FlowerReproductive structure found in plantsپھول
PiperOne who plays a pipe, Musician who plays pipesنای والا

Pirate-Inspired Parrot Names

Consider that if it could, your parrot would force you to “walk the plank.” Maybe you should give your friend one of the following names.

NameMeaningUrdu Name
Jack SparrowFictional pirate character in “Pirates of the Caribbean”جیک اسپیرو
Captain FlintTreasure Islandکپتان فلنٹ
PauliePaulie, short form of Paulپالی
Long John SilverTreasure Island character, known for his peg legلانگ جان سلور
RedBeardNickname for a pirate with a red beardلال داڑھی
DoubloonType of gold coinڈبلون
Peter PanFictional character, protagonist of “Peter Pan”پیٹر پین
HookFictional pirate, antagonist of “Peter Pan”ہک
Mr. SmeeCharacter in “Peter Pan”مسٹر سمی
SharkyPirate nickname, related to sharksشارکی
BonesNickname for a skinny or bony pirateہڈیاں
AhoyNautical term for “Hello”اہویہ
ScuttleTo run hurriedly with short quick stepsجلدی جلدی
SharkbaitNickname suggesting vulnerability to sharksشارک بیٹ
RumAlcoholic beverage popular among piratesرم
SwashbucklerAdventurous hero, often a pirate in fictionجانباز
MateyInformal term for a friend or comradeدوست
BarbossaFictional pirate in “Pirates of the Caribbean”باربوسا
BuccaneerPirate or privateer operating in the Caribbeanبکنیئر
Davy JonesSupernatural ruler of the ocean’s depthsڈیوی جونز
Jolly RogerPirate flag with a skull and crossbonesجالی روجر
Calico JackPirate active in the Caribbean during the early 18th centuryکیلیکو جیک
Captain MorganFamous pirate and privateerکپتان مورگن
BartholomewGiven name, sometimes used as a pirate nameبارتھولومی
ParleyDiscussion or conference between opposing sidesمذاکرہ
StrumpetDerogatory term for a promiscuous womanچڑیل
Bilge RatInsult implying a person is lowly or dirtyبلج ریٹ
MutinyRebellion or revolt against authorityبغاوت
BuckoTerm of address, often used by piratesبکو
Jack KetchNickname for a hangman or executionerجیک کیچ
LandlubberPerson unfamiliar with the sea or sailingزمینی
ScallywagRogue or rascal, often used in jestشرارتی
RapscallionRascal or mischievous personشرارتی
parrot names

Indian Parrot Names

There are so many alternatives available to you, whether you are an Indian pet owner who want to honor their history or you are simply a fan of this lively and diverse nation and would like to honor your favorite food or event by naming your pet Indian!

NameMeaningUrdu Name
PakoraNamed after a scrumptious fritterپکوڑا
FalgunA Hindu month; also means “blooming”فلگن
AbhiFearless; shiningابھی
KuhooNamed after the sweet call of a birdکوہو
DakshiThe gloriousدکشی
BollyMelodic; musicalبولی
ArjunWhite; clearارجن
LaaliRed; rubyلالی

Names For African Grey Parrots

The African Grey Parrot is a highly endearing friend due to its skill at human imitation and keen awareness of others’ feelings. This bird is much more than just a talker, so don’t mistake it for a titter-tatter. It is recognized for its extraordinary mental prowess, which is understandable given that it has earned the moniker “The Einstein of the World.”

NameMeaningUrdu Name
BentleyFrom the bent grass meadowبینٹلی
SaturnRoman god of agricultureسٹرن
AdmiralHigh-ranking naval officerایڈمرل
ShadowDark area produced by a body blocking lightسایہ
FawnA young deerہرن کا بچہ
NickelChemical element, silvery-white, lustrous, hardنکل
ThunderThe sound caused by lightningگرج
LeadA heavy metalلیڈ
GunpowderExplosive mixtureبارودی
SlateFine-grained rock used for roofingسلیٹ
WillowSlender tree or shrub with flexible branchesویلو
GraphiteForm of carbon used in pencilsگرافائٹ
PearlyResembling or adorned with pearlsموتی سا
SmokeyEmitting smoke or having a smoky appearanceدھواں دار
SootyCovered with or resembling sootکالا
ChromeChemical element, shiny, hard metalکروم
ShimmerSoft, wavering light; sparkleچمک
RockyConsisting of or full of rocksپتھریلا
WinterColdest season of the yearموسم سرما
Heather-FeatherA combination of Heather (a flower) and Featherہیتھر-فیتھر

Yellow Parrot Names

Since yellow is a happy and joyful color, having a yellow-toned parrot in your home feels like the icing on the cake! The first name that may come to mind when naming a yellow pet is “Sunny,” but trust us when we say that this is just the beginning of our list; there are a ton of other moniker possibilities that will captivate you. To help you get started, here are some:

NameMeaningUrdu Name
ButterscotchA type of candy made with brown sugar and butterبٹرسکاچ
MarigoldA gentle name suitable for an innocent pet parrotگیندا
DaffodilA type of flower with bright yellow petalsنرگس
SunflowerBecause your feathered friend gleams like a sunflower under the summer skyسورج مکھی
PeonyA type of flower known for its large, colorful bloomsپیونی
BlondieA female with blonde hairسنہری
GoldilocksA girl in the fairy tale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”سنہری بالوں والی
LemonyRelating to or resembling lemonsنیبو
MellowRelaxed and unhurriedسکون پسند
HoneyA sweet, sticky substance produced by beesشہد
PennyA small coin worth one centپینی
SunkissedHaving a healthy, sun-tanned appearanceدھوپ سے رنگت بدلنے والا
BumblebeeA large hairy bee with a loud buzzگنبدر
SmileyExpressing happiness or amusement with a smiley faceمسکراہٹ
FlameA burning gas or vapor that produces heat and lightشعلہ
SaffronA spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus plantزعفران
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Green Parrot Names

What distinguishes a green-colored parrot from other kinds is its vibrant plumage and lively enchantment. These vividly colored birds rank among the most popular pets, and they are incredibly captivating when their feathers are combined with another striking shade.

NameMeaningUrdu Name
PistachioA type of nutپستہ
MaizeyDerived from “maize,” referring to cornمکئی
SageA type of herb known for its aromatic leavesزعتر
OakleyReferring to oak treesبلوط
MarvinA name of uncertain origin, possibly meaning “friend of the sea”مارون
HulkUse this name for a pet who is always ready for some action!ہلک
BasilA fragrant herb used in cookingبابرک
Green BeanA type of bean that is harvested and eaten while still youngسبز پھلی
RosemaryA fragrant herb used in cooking and often symbolizing remembranceروز ماری
BeanstalkThe tall stem of a bean plantبین اسٹاک
EmeraldA bright green gemstoneپنجرا
AloeA succulent plant with thick, fleshy leavesایلو
OliveA small oval fruit from the olive tree, often used to produce olive oilزیتون
SproutA shoot of a plant growing from a seedانکر
GumbyA flexible and adaptable person or thing, from the animated characterگمبی
EvergreenA type of tree that retains its leaves throughout the yearسدا بہار
Tinker BellA fictional character from Peter Panٹنکر بیل
KiwiA flightless bird native to New Zealand, also a fruitکیوی
BarneyA masculine given name, possibly meaning “son of consolation”بارنی
FernA type of non-flowering plant with feathery leavesفرن
LeafyCovered with or having many leavesپتی دار
MintyHaving the flavor or aroma of mintپودینہ والا
JungleA dense forest in a tropical regionجنگل
KaleA type of leafy green vegetableکیل
YodaA fictional character from the Star Wars franchiseیودا
PicklesCucumbers preserved in vinegar or brineاچار
AmazonNamed after the Amazon Rainforest, the largest rainforest in the worldآمیزن

Blue Parrot Names

Though the green-colored parrot is the dominant species worldwide, our hearts belong to the blue-hued parrot. These species’ birds have blue feathers that stretch across a wide range of colors, from chalky, light blues to deep indigos.

The Blue-crowned Conure, Budgerigars, and Hyacinth Macaws are a few of the most beloved pets. Finding a title that truly captures the beauty of these amazing creatures is certainly necessary if you’re fortunate enough to lay your hands on them.

NameMeaningUrdu Name
CobaltA chemical element with a blue-gray metallic colorکوبالٹ
SapphireA precious gemstone, typically blue in colorنیلم
MistyFull of mist or covered in mistدھندلا
JetA deep black color or a hard, compact variety of coalجیٹ
BlooVariant spelling of “blue”بلو
RainMoisture condensed from the atmosphere that falls visibly in separate dropsبارش
StarA luminous celestial body visible as a point of light in the night skyستارہ
BluestarA star with a blue hueبلو ستارہ
AbigalA feminine given name, possibly meaning “father’s joy”ابیگیل
FrostyCovered with or characterized by frostہوا سے سرد
Shining FeatherA feather that gleams or reflects lightچمکتی پر
CoolblueA combination of “cool” and “blue,” suggesting a calming blue colorٹھنڈا نیلا
IndigoA deep, rich blue colorنیلا
SereneCalm, peaceful, and untroubledپر سکون
BlueberryA small, sweet, deep blue-colored fruitبلوبری
RiverA large natural stream of water flowing in a channel to the sea, a lake, or another such streamدریا
AzureA bright, cyan-blue colorآسمانی
TealA dark greenish-blue colorتیلی
KaiA name with various meanings, including “ocean” or “keeper of the keys”کائی
OceaneA feminine given name derived from the word “ocean”اوشین
AquaA greenish-blue color, often associated with waterآبی
Water WingA term used for a device or attachment used for swimming or floating, resembling wingsپانی کا پنکھا
Betty BlueA combination of the feminine given name “Betty” and the color “blue”بیٹی بلو
SapphireA precious gemstone, typically blue in colorنیلم
MidnightThe middle of the nightمنہر
DawnThe first appearance of light in the sky before sunriseصبح
LunaThe moonچاند
SaphiraA variant of “Sapphire,” a precious gemstoneسفائرا
RazA short form of “Raziel,” meaning “secret of God”راز
SkylineThe outline of land and buildings defined against the skyآسمانی لکیر
SkyeA feminine given name, possibly derived from the Isle of Skye in Scotlandاسکائی
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Fruit and Vegetables Inspired Names for Parrots

NameMeaningUrdu Name
HuckleberryThe state fruit of Idahoجامن
BlueberryUsed in desserts or in making jams, jellies, and preservesنیلے انگور
MangoAn excellent name for a red or orange-colored dogآم
CherimoyaAlso known as custard appleشریمویہ
PumpkinA cute name for an adorable and sweet parrotکدو
AlfalfaA flowering plant that is a member of the pea familyالفیلفا
ButternutA winter squash with a sweet and nutty flavorبٹر نٹ
ClementineA fruit like a small orangeکلیمنٹائن
KiwiA fruit with hairy skin, green flesh, and black seedsکیوی
PeachesA soft, round, slightly furry fruit with sweet yellow flesh and pinky-orange skinپیچ
MaizeA grain commonly known as cornمکئی
CoconutThe fruit of the coconut palmناریل
KumquatA small yellow to orange citrus fruitکم کوٹ
PearHas pale green or brownish skin, and a firm, juicy fleshناشپاتی
RaisinA dried grapeکشمش
CurrantA small, black dried grape without seedsکرنٹ
LimeA citrus fruit, typically round and green in colorلیموں

Japanese Names For Parrot

Wait until you take a look at our list of Japanese names if you believe you have chosen the ideal moniker for your furry pet. Why do we think a Japanese nickname will work so well, you ask? This is a result of the intense love that Japanese people have for their dogs—some animal enthusiasts even prefer to raise their pets above their own children! You also need a Japanese name for your devoted birdie because of the sweet ring to these names.

English NameUrdu Name

Names Are Forever

Now that you’re feeling particularly inspired, it’s time to focus your search for your parrot’s name. You should consider your parrot’s appearance. Which name you think best suits them may vary depending on how colorful they are. You should also think about how the name will be used in the future.

Given that pet parrots typically live 20 to 30 years, you should choose a name you will be happy with for the long term. These are just a few things to think about when you begin to reduce the number of possibilities on your list.

It’s now time to include your preferred pet in the naming procedure. Trying out every name you could think of. Most of them should elicit a response from your parrot. Check out the one that seems to be their favorite. Choosing a name that people can pronounce clearly can prove to be quite beneficial in the long run.

Recall that choosing a name doesn’t have to be done quickly. To find the name that suits you and your feathered companion the best, you can actually toss around a few options for a week or so. As you get to know your parrot more, you might even discover that they will eventually come up with their own name.

Advice for choosing a parrot name

Giving a parrot a name may be a fun undertaking. You can select the ideal name for your new pet by taking into account the following factors:

  • Pick a name that captures the essence of your parrot’s character.
  • Take into account pop culture references, movies, or novels.
  • Give your parrot a name that reflects its color scheme.
  • Make sure the name you decide on for your parrot is simple to say.
  • Pick a name you adore.


  1. How do I choose a name for my parrot?
    • Think about your parrot’s look, disposition, and any unique characteristics.
    • Consider naming them after traits such as behavior, color, or species.
    • Select a name that both you and your parrot find enjoyable to use.
  2. Should I consider my parrot’s gender when choosing a name?
    • Though it’s not required, you could give your parrot a name that indicates its gender if you are aware of it. Many names are chosen because they enjoy them, or they are gender-neutral.
  3. Can I change my parrot’s name if they already have one?
    • It is possible to rename your parrot, albeit it might take some time for them to get used to it. Give them rewards or praise to help them feel comfortable using their new name on a regular basis.
  4. What are some popular themes for parrot names?
    • Nature (Sunny, Sky), colors (Ruby, Emerald), cuisine (Mango, Peanut), and famous figures (Mickey, Zelda) are examples of popular themes.
  5. Are there any names I should avoid for my parrot?
    • Refrain from giving your parrot names that are too similar to training commands since they could confuse it.
    • Furthermore, stay away from names that could be embarrassing in public or ones that have bad meanings.
  6. What if my parrot doesn’t respond to their name?
    • Your parrot could take some time to pick up on and react to their name. When referring to them by name in constructive situations, including during playtime or feeding, exercise patience and consistency.

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