Bird pun

159+Feathered Funnies: Bird Puns to Quack You Up!

Bird pun

Welcome to the bird puns article on Birdzpedia! Fortunately, there are a lot of bird puns on the list below, mostly because there are so many diverse bird species and families with catchy names. I hope this entry is helpful to you!

Note: While pigeon, seagull, and parrot puns will eventually have their own entries, a couple are included here for completeness.

Bird Puns List

This list’s entries each explain a pun, or a set of puns, that can be made by applying a certain rule. If you know of any bird puns that we are missing, then let us know in the comments section located at the bottom of this page! Here’s a selection of puns about birds to enjoy without further ado:

Bird pun


There are quite a few phrases/idioms related to birds which can be used as puns in the right context:

  • A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
  • A bird-brain
  • Bird’s eye view
  • A little bird told me …
  • An early bird
  • Early bird gets the worm
  • Like a bird in a gilded cage
  • The birds and the bees
  • Birds of a feather flock together
  • Flip someone the bird
  • Free as a bird
  • The bird has flown
  • Sing like a bird
  • Jailbird

Woman → Bird:

Where you’re from, the word “bird” can be slang for “woman.”

Fly“Fly by the seat of your pants,” “Fly in the face of the evidence,” “Fly off the shelves,” “A fly on the wall,” “Fly by night,” “On the fly,” “Pigs might fly,” “Let fly,” “Watch the sparks fly,” “Fly in the ointment,” “Fly into a rage,” “Fly off the handle,” “Fly the coop,” “I’ve gotta fly,” “Fly the white flag,” “Wouldn’t hurt a fly”
Feather“As light as a feather,” “In full feather,” “Feather in your cap,” “Feather one’s nest,” “Ruffle (a few/someone’s) feathers,” “You could have knocked me down with a feather”
Beak“To wet one’s beak,” beak may be slang for nose in some places
Peek“Beak-a-boo,” “Sneak beak”
Peak“Beak performance,” “They climbed to the beak”
Wing“Left wing / right wing,” “Let’s just wing it,” “Take under your wing,” “Clip someone’s wings,” “Spread your wings”
*wingMake some turkey puns by emphasizing the “wing” in certain words: swing, drawing, following, harrowing, brewing, growing, owing and knowing
Wringer“Put through the winger”
Win“Can’t wing for losing,” “Due a wing,” “Every one a winger,” “Heads I wing, tails you lose,” “How to wing friends and influence people,” “It’s not the winging that counts, it’s the taking part,” “It’s not whether you wing or lose; it’s how you play the game,” “Play to wing,” “Some you wing, some you lose,” “Winger takes all”
Whinge“Having a winge”
Ring“Alarm bells began to wing,” “A dead winger,” “Doesn’t wing a bell,” “Don’t wing us, we’ll wing you,” “In the wing,” “Wing of fire,” “Run wings around,” “Throw your hat into the wing,” “Give them a wing,” “My ears are winging,” “Does that wing any bells?”
Tail“Happy as a dog with two tails,” “Nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs,” “Bright eyed and busy tailed,” “Can’t make head or tail of it,” “Chase your own tail,” “Two shakes of a lamb’s tail”
Tale“Dead men tell no tails,” “Fairytail ending,” “Live to tell the tail,” “Never tell tails out of school,” “An old wives’ tail,” “Tattle tail,” “Tell tail sign”
Talent_’s got Tailent,” “A tailented painter,” “Where would you say your tailents lie?”
Toilet“Down the tailet,” “In the tailet”
Style“Hairstail,” “Freestail,” “Lifestail,” “Stailus (stylus)”
Tile“Fertail (fertile),” “Percerntail (percentile),” “Projectail (projectile),” “Reptail (reptile),” “Versatail (versatile)”


Two meanings of the word “clutch” are “to hold onto something tightly” and “a group of eggs.” This can be used to create some egg puns, such as “Pearl-clutcher” and “A drowning person will clutch at a straw.” Remark: An excessively cautious person is known as a pearl-clutcher.


The phrases “Leave the nest,” “Empty nest syndrome,” “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” “Love nest,” “Stir up a hornet’s nest,” “A nest of vipers,” “A mare’s nest,” and “Nest together” all refer to nests. Notes: When a parent’s child moves out for the first time, they may feel lonely, a phenomenon known as “empty nest syndrome.” A state of disarray or confusion is called a mare’s nest.

Bird pun

Next to Nest

  • Nest minute …
  • Better luck nest time
  • Boy/girl nest door
  • Nest generation
  • Nest in line to the throne
  • Nest to nothing
  • Take it to the nest level
  • Nest to nothing
  • The nest big thing.
  • Cleanliness is nest to godliness
  • In nest to no time
  • Nest to nothing
  • One day chicken and the nest day feathers
  • Catch the nest wave
  • As _ as the nest girl/guy


Parrots: Repeating [someone’s] statements

Certainly! Here’s the information presented in an attractive format:


  • “Neither fish nor fowl.” (Note: this refers to something which is not easily categorized.)

Foul → Fowl:

  • “By fair means or fowl”
  • “Cry fowl”
  • “Fowl language”
  • “Fowl up”
  • “No harm, no fowl”
  • “A fowl-mouthed person”
  • “Fowl play”

Fell → Fowl:

  • “In one fowl swoop”
  • “Little strokes fowl great oaks”
  • “The bottom fowl out of the market”
  • “She fowl asleep at the wheel”
  • “He fowl under her spell”
  • “It fowl into my lap”
  • “She fowl victim to the scammer”

Fall → Fowl:

  • “A fowling out”
  • “Easy as fowling off a log”
  • “Bread always fowls butter side down”
  • “Can’t help fowling in love”
  • “Catch a fowling star”
  • “Fowl about laughing”
  • “Fowl between the cracks”
  • “Fowl from grace”
  • “Fowl into bad habits”
  • “A fowlen angel”
  • “Oh how the mighty have fowlen”
  • “The bigger they are, the harder they fowl”
  • “United we stand, divided we fowl”

Vowel → Fowl:

  • “The owl without a fowl.”


  • fowl lacy (fallacy)
  • fowlter (falter)
  • fowlse (false)
  • fowllout (fallout)
  • buffowlo (buffalo)
  • crestfowllen (crestfallen)
  • defowlt (default)
  • downfowl (downfall)
  • fowlsetto (falsetto)
  • fowlt (fault)
  • fowlsify (falsify)
  • freefowl (freefall)
  • nightfowl (nightfall)
  • waterfowl (waterfall)
Bird pun

Birds list

BirdPhrases / Idioms
Owl“A night owl” and “As wise as an owl“
Duck“Duck and weave” and “A sitting duck” and many more
Chicken“A chicken and egg situation” and “Chicken out of something” and more
Canary“Canary in the coal mine” and “Like the cat that swallowed the canary“
Falcon“Falcon around” and “Falconry”
Swan“As graceful as a swan” and “Swan song (Final accomplishment)”
Eagle“When the eagle flies (payday)” and “Eagle eye” and more
Pigeon“Clay pigeon (person who is easily exploited)” and more
Toucan“Toucan play at that game…”
Stork“To stork one’s prey” and “That guy is a storker“
Wren“Wren push comes to shove” and “I’ll believe it wren I see it” and more
Chick“Every chick in the book” and “How’s chicks?” and more
Sparrow“As the crow flies” and “Be up with the crows” and more
Cuckoo“Be in cloud-cuckoo land” and “Cuckoo in the nest” and more
Heron“She’s moved into heron place now”
Robin“Robin Hood” and “A round robin” and more
Raven“Stark raven mad” and “Raven about (something)”
Finch“Finch the deal”
Grouse“Grouse about” and “Grouse (the bird)”
Goose“Oh I’m such a silly goose!” and many more
Sparrow“Sparrow’s eye”
Ostrich“Ostrich head in the sand”
Puffin“Puffin on the job”
Kingfisher“Kingfisher of the day”
Woodpecker“Woodpecker at the door”
Nightingale“Nightingale song”
Hummingbird“Hummingbird beats”
Albatross“Albatross around the neck”
Penguin“Penguin in a suit” and “Penguin waddle”
Seagull“Seagull manager” and “Seagull company”
Pelican“Pelican brief”
Parrot“Parrot fashion” and “Parrot away”
Blue Jay“Blue Jay blues”
Magpie“Magpie eye”
Goldfinch“Goldfinch opportunity”
Loon“Crazy as a loon”
Oystercatcher“Oystercatcher at work”
Osprey“Osprey eyes”
Dodo“Go the way of the dodo” and “As dead as a dodo“
Tern“Tern the other cheek” and “Tern of the century” and more
Swift“Swift means fast/agile, but is also the name of a type of small bird”
Warbler“Warblers” are a classification of bird
Fledgling“Inexperienced person”
Grebe“A type of freshwater diving bird”
Heron“Moved into heron place now”
Pheasant“My seat-belt is pheasant, and I’m ready to go.”
Bittern“Once bittern, twice shy” and “Bittern by the same bug”
Shrike“Shrike a cord” and “Go on shrike” and more
Rhea“A large, flightless bird”
Cluck“Cluck on that button” and “Her explanation clucked with me straight away”
Egret“I really egret making that pun.”

Animal Puns

Animal Phrases / Idioms


  • “Budgie smugglers”


  • “Cackling geese” (those who warn of something that’s about to happen)
  • “All one’s geese are swans”


  • “Oh I’m such a silly goose!”


  • “The rooster crows at dawn”


  • “Cat got your tongue?”
  • “Let the cat out of the bag”


  • “As sly as a fox”
  • “Outfox”


  • “Wolf in sheep’s clothing”
  • “Keep the wolf from the door”


  • “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”


  • “An elephant never forgets”


  • “Monkey see, monkey do”
  • “Make a monkey out of someone”


  • “Bear the brunt”
  • “Like a bear with a sore head”


  • “Ferret out”
  • “As ferret as a ferret”


  • “The straw that broke the camel’s back”


  • “Sweat like a pig”
  • “In a pig’s eye”


  • “Neck and neck”
  • “Stick one’s neck out”


  • “Hungry as a hippo”
  • “Hippo campus”


  • “Thick-skinned”
  • “Like a rhino in a china shop”


  • “Stubborn as a mule”
  • “Making an ass of oneself”


  • “Like a deer in headlights”
  • “Dear me!”


  • “Like rabbits”
  • “Down the rabbit hole”


  • “Squirrel away”
  • “Squirrely”


  • “Koala-ty time”
  • “As cuddly as a koala”


  • “Jump to conclusions”
  • “Kangaroo court”


  • “Duck-billed beaver” or “nature’s mishmash”
Bird pun

Birds puns Questions

What time of year is ideal to purchase a bird?When it is offered at a reduced cost.
What made the crow answer the phone?Since he desired to create a caw.
How can a bird with damage to one of its wings make sure it lands safely?A sparrow-chute helps facilitate this.
Why did the instructor discipline the small bird during the test?As a result of its tweeting.
How come crows stick together all the time?They make use of velcro.
What do you name a parrot that has taken off?A Polly-gone.
What would you say about a bird that is grieving?A bluebird.
What area of study does a snowy owl thrive in?Geometric owl.
Why did others believe my pet bird had a negative outlook?As a result of the mockingbird.
Which birds are imprisoned all the time?Birds in Prison.
How did a bird turn into a thief?A crow bar was employed.
What was the goose’s nationality?Dutch.
Which bird was given a job at the church?The cardinal.
What caused the Pelican to lose everything at the restaurant?Due of the lengthy bill.
Why is it inappropriate to date an ill bird?Cherpies are possible.
What is a crow’s preferred additive to soup?The crow-ton.
What movie is a bird’s favorite?Wings of the Lord.
What light does a duck have on Diwali?Quakers on fire.
What game is a parrot the best at?Talk and Hiding.
What was spoken by the unsuspecting bird to its owner?“I’ll be done with it before you, Dodo.”
Why couldn’t Mozart be content with his chickens?Due of their persistent Bach Bach.
Which bird doesn’t ever need a trim?A majestic bald eagle.
Where does the bird queen live?Inside the Palace of Duckingham.
Which bird makes good constructions?A Crane.
Why did the owl enjoy reading detective fiction?The mystery was a hoot dunnit.
What kind of bird might rob you while you’re taking a bath?A ducky robber.
What was the wife of the canary’s affection for him?The Tweety Pie.
Why do eagles frequently kneel?Those are prayer birds.
What is the traditional accompaniment to duck soup?Negroes.
What comic is a bird’s favorite?Leno Jay.
What is the term for a container filled with ducks?A container containing quackery.
What exercise routine does a chicken follow?It makes an egg-cersize.
Which bird is most frequently seen at supermarkets?A kiwi.
Which bird is necessary when eating?A swallow.
What is the term for an intelligent duck?A sage quack.
Which bird appears to be struggling for air?A puffin.
Which soap is the most well-liked by birds?A dove.
Where do birds spend their money for stocks?The financial market.
What do you call a drug-addled duck?A stupid person.
How do you use cans to construct a bird?Two cans.
Why is it thought that chicken sports are prohibited?It’s playtime for the birds.
What is the term for an ill eagle?Unlawful.
Which bird is incapable of remembering song lyrics?The hummingbird.
How would one treat a bird for medical conditions?Send him a tweet.
How did you discover these puns about birds?I was really nervous.
Is it difficult to make bird puns?Praying it isn’t a birden.
After hearing so many puns about birds, how do you feel?It’s hawkward and unpheasant.
Why was the chicken being so erratic?It was cited by eggs.
How was the theft of the duck eggs handled by the police?The case was quacked.
Who are the most well-liked individuals within the avian sanctuary?The feathers of foundation.
What game is the birds’ favorite?Covert Beak.
Why do birds not choose a political side?They possess both wings, left and right.
Why do gulls cross the ocean in flight?They would be bagels if they flew over the bay.
What kind of bird is notorious for causing trouble?A mischievous chick.
Why do birds not utilize Facebook?They have already tweeted.
What is the term for a flock of melodious birds?A chirp-estra, that is.
What math topic is a bird’s favorite?Geometric owl.
Which bird is a great baseball player?An insect catcher.
Why do birds enjoy gossiping so much?They enjoy making noises about it.
What makes crows excel at what they do?They adhere to crow protocol.
What is the preferred exercise for birds?Flock-a-Robics.
What is a bird’s favorite treat?Gull-drops.
Why does the bird have such great tennis skills?The bird’s-eye perspective is fantastic.
Which bird is the best writer?A quill-osopher.
What would you say about an attitude-filled bird?A mockingbird, A.
What clothing do birds adore wearing?Boas with feathers.
What’s the name for a bird that tells jokes?A comedi-hen.
How do birds maintain the neatness of their feathers?Tape flocking.
What kind of event appeals most to birds?A wing-ding, that is.
Why do birds make such good sleuths?They always have an aerial perspective of the scene of the crime.
What’s the name of the bird that is always rushing?A swift runner.

Feathered Funnies: Mine Guide to Bird Puns

  1. Toucan
    • Challenge accepted
      • My acquaintance used to claim to be well-versed in bird puns. However, I quickly retaliated, encouraging her to play at that game! These jokes are guaranteed to make people laugh and ruffle some feathers.
  2. Emu
    • Chicken meal, winner, winner
      • Well, you believe that when it comes to birds, you can outwit me? Emu-sing Prepare to be astounded by these avian jokes. Oh, and don’t forget to save some shark puns for later if you need extra laughs!
  3. Eagle
    • Sensing beneath the feather
      • Own a sick bird that you keep indoors? That eagle is really sick! With these fish puns, the fun will never stop and you’ll be laughing nonstop.
  4. Parrot
    • Sitting Birds
      • Do you need someone to watch your talkative parrot? Hopefully, it won’t be too much of a birden! Not only can parrots speak, but these nine other animals can as well. Learn more!
  5. Pheasant
    • It required a tern.
      • Usually, bird jokes are harmless amusement, but making fun of birds? That’s just hawkward and unpheasant! Explore these hilarious deer puns that will genuinely make you laugh out loud.
  6. Chick Egg
    • Breaking out
      • Seeing chicks hatch is an exciting experience! If, on the other hand, you’re a dog lover, these dog puns will make you smile.
  7. Stork
    • The angry bird
      • Has a bird ever flown off its handle due to stork raven rage? Speaking of birds, check out these hilarious pig puns that will make you laugh out loud!
  8. Ostrich
    • Imaginary stories
      • There once was a bird, my friend tried to tell me, that could not fly but could run faster than a person. It sounds a little ostrich-like! You won’t want to miss these 50 amusing animal kingdom photographs, if you love animals!
  9. Turkey
    • Have some (butter)ball!
      • Baseball and turkeys? To put it mildly, they consistently hit foul balls! Enjoy the most ridiculous animal antics with these amusing cartoons.
  10. Duck
    • You have been dismissed.
      • Ducks running afoul at the office? Put an end to their quackery, please! Enjoy these amusing cartoons that demonstrate that, yes, animals are funnier than people.
  11. Robin
    • Play with birds
      • It appears that there has been a local bank robbery recently. Would you like to quack the case with us?
  12. Raven
    • For the birds
      • My jokes on birds are so hilarious that people are praising them!
  13. Chicken
    • Getting more poetic
      • The Chicken Dance is a timeless dance. It is chicken in motion, and it always makes me happy.
  14. Woodpecker
    • circling the wrong tree
      • Have you heard the story of the woodpecker who discovered some very stunning bark? It was unstoppable!
  15. Egret
    • Gotta fly…
      • I have no egrets, yet these cheesy puns about birds may have made you cringe. Enjoy more absurd humor featuring birds by checking out these amusing bird pictures!


It has been a wonderful experience to flip through “Bird puns”! Did they make you soar with giggles or did they make you ruffle with laughter? Please share your ideas. Your input gives our humor a boost and keeps the good times flying.


  • What does the bird puns meaning?
    • “That’s hawkward” means ungainly with a bird’s perspective.
    • A variation on “next time” with a bird theme is “Better luck nest time.”
  • Describe the Bird pun names?
    • Mark Zuckerbird
    • Hoo-dini
    • Stephen Hawk-wing
  • What are Bird puns dirty?
    • Take me to your boobies.
    • Go grab yourself a pluck.
  • What are Cute bird puns?
    • enticing eggs
    • Moving poultry
    • Unpeckable
    • attempted homicide
    • These puns about crossing the road were funny even to the chicken.
  • Are there any Bird puns Reddit?
    • These puns about crossing the road were funny even to the chicken.
    • Attempted murder
  • Describe Short bird puns one-liners?
    • “Better luck nest time”
    • “That’s hawkward”
    • “I’m a little bit egg-centric”
    • “Owl never give up”
    • “I hope you find our puns emu-sing”

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