Keeping Your Social Media Accounts Secure with Strong Passwords

Every business nowadays has a social media account. Nearly more than half of people in the world use social channels. These channels can be the best attack entry points for cybercriminals. Attacks may range from phishing to malware, identity theft, and harassment.

Individuals and organizations lower the chances of attack through security best practices. Store your logins in password managers and create complex sign data. Monitor activities on your account and change login information often. Passwords help keep away attackers. They strengthen your social media security and privacy.

How to protect social media accounts

Prioritize your social media protection due to the attack rate today.  A lot of social media accounts get hacked daily. It is risky to have compromised data in the hands of cybercriminals. They can use it to harass you or other people. Cybercriminals may sell you data or make your account inaccessible. Different ways can help protect your social media accounts.

It is common for people to forget their account login details. You may forget Apple ID or other sign-in data. You cannot access your account or screen if you forgot your MacBook password. I learned the trick to recover my logins if I forgot my MacBook password the hard way. Open your Mac settings and select Sign in. Once prompted to insert the sign-in data, select Forgot Password. macOS will help you recover through several onscreen steps. Follow the steps without overlooking any. Create a new access ID but ensure it is strong.

Allow multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication protects you from weak security gaps. It protects you from compromised login data. Phishing or malware attempts may succeed if you lack a multifactor login.  An additional sign-in layer makes it harder for such attempts to occur.

This security method requires more time to complete the signing process. It is safer regardless of the additional processes you must bear with. Use multifactor sign-in on all your social media passwords. You may authenticate with a code, SMS, or biometric scan.

Make the password unique and strong

Some hackers never leave their computer screens unless they hack someone. They endure the task of guessing passwords until they get a way out. Data shows at least 3 out of 10 people use weak passwords. They give cybercriminals an easy time to guess the data.

Weak credentials are easier to crack using hacking programs. The use of stronger logins makes it harder for attackers to guess the data. Your social media account security increases. The following methods can help ensure your login data is strong.

  • Make the details longer
  • Make them complex by combining characters.
  • Not using your birthday, or a combination of both.
  • Do not reuse your old passwords no matter how well you remember them.
  • Use a password-generating app to help you create complex logins.

Protect your devices too

Social media protection is critical for individuals and organizations. The security of your accounts can be compromised if criminals access your gadget. They can easily inject malicious links or install spyware. Apart from protecting your accounts, protect your gadgets too. Create strong screen access logins and avoid opening suspicious links or files. They may contain viruses and phishing programs which can compromise your data.

Create a separate password for each account

You may be tempted to have a ‘universal’ password for all your social media accounts. It helps you remember the logins but increases your vulnerabilities. If a hacker manages to guess logins in one account, they can access the rest.  Create a separate password for each to protect yourself better.

Use a password management tool

Password management tools help you create the strongest logins. These tools save your sign-in information and help you manage it. They let you store all the credentials in one place for ease of access. Some of the tools run on your desktop, while some run on the cloud. Choose a management tool that meets your login needs.

Avoid sharing your account access credentials

Many people fail to give their social media accounts the right security attention. Due to this, it is easy to share their login data with anyone. Someone might compromise your data unknowingly or unwillingly. Your login credentials should be known to yourself only.

Change your sign information often

It is risky to use the same sign-in information for more than three months. Someone could be monitoring you to help them guess the logins with ease. Make it harder for them to guess the data by updating your logins often. Update information on every account for better protection.


Social media users should create strong passwords to protect their accounts. Understand what social media security is and ways to boost it. Login protection starts with device protection. Mix letters and special cases when creating social media account logins. Use a password management tool and create one password for each account.

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