Are owls Symbol of Good Luck


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In the natural and spiritual realms, owls are strong creatures. Many cultures have made myths out of them because of their extraordinary qualities and talents, which include the ability to turn their head nearly completely around.

  • Owls, often associated with superstition, can be perceived as symbols of either good or bad luck depending on cultural beliefs.
  • They are commonly linked to forces of evil and bad luck, with legends worldwide sharing similar themes.
  • Their nocturnal lifestyle and silent flight contribute to their eerie reputation, appearing suddenly from the shadows.
  • Owls are sometimes seen as representations of spirits, spending their days in deserted, crumbling houses.
  • Found on nearly every continent, these nocturnal predators have large, forward-staring eyes, giving them a human-like appearance.
  • Due to their nocturnal nature, owls are often associated with negative energy and interpreted as omens of disease or death.

“Owls, symbols of good luck, bring wisdom and fortune with their silent flight through the night.”

Are Owls Symbol of Good Luck


Owls are said to bring great fortune in various civilizations. Owls have the power to bring good fortune, regardless of whether they are valued for their protective or knowledge-related associations. The term for owls in Japanese culture is Fukuro,

which is spelled in kanji that allude to luck and safety. Because owls are seen as lucky animals in Japanese culture, charming owl charms are quite popular .Owls have long been associated with magic and wisdom, especially in ancient Greece, Asia, and America.

Are Owls Symbol of Good Luck

When an owl crashes into your window, what does it mean?

  • Despite superstitions, many experts view the presence of owls as a sign of good fortune.
  • Owls are revered in various cultures as symbols of fortune, wisdom, and protection.
  • Some associate owls with bad luck due to historical connections with sorcery and witchcraft.
  • However, it’s important to recognize the influence of superstition and folklore in this belief.
  • Scientifically, owls play a beneficial role in ecosystems by controlling rodent and pest populations.

Seeing Owl at Night

Seeing an owl might bring good or bad luck, depending on the situation, according to mythology. An owl may also serve as a reminder to trust in your own inner guidance. Some superstitions hold that seeing an owl during the day is unlucky and portends an impending calamity. Owls were believed to be shapeshifters or the wandering spirits of the dead in several Native American traditions, which lasted all night.

Are Owls Symbol of Good Luck

Owls are Omens to Death

The owl is not a negative sign. They have long been thought to be omens of impending illness and death.

Superstitions in Different Countries

AfricaOwls are harbingers of death.
In South Africa, seen as a fatal curse from a witch doctor.
In Kenya, owls are feared, associated with witches.
AsiaIn China, owl hooting signifies death; associated with supernatural powers.
In India, mixed associations: linked to learning, death, and good luck.
In Japan, owls are considered lucky, associated with prosperity.
EuropeIn ancient Greece, owls associated with Athena; Middle Ages, linked to evil.
North AmericaIn the U.S., symbols of learning; superstitions in the Ozarks.
Different views: big owls signify death, screech owls are considered lucky.
Indigenous Americans associate owls with the spirit world.
In Mexico, owls associated with the underworld; their calls foretell death.
Central/South AmericaIn Peru, owls played a role in Moche religion, associated with the dead.
In Guatemala, owls represent good fortune, prosperity.
In Colombia, harming an owl carries symbolic consequences.
Are Owls Symbol of Good Luck

Which color owl bring good luck?

There isn’t just one “color” of owl associated with good fortune. Rather, owls of different colors are associated with distinct meanings and symbols across civilizations. For instance, the brown owl in North America is a symbol of intelligence and resolve,

while the snowy owl in Japan is said to be a sign of protection and good fortune. All things considered, an owl’s hue does not necessarily indicate its luck. Rather, the specific significance and symbolism connected to that specific color are what dictate whether or not it is considered lucky.

When Do Owls Represent Good Luck?

Are Owls Symbol of Good Luck

When You See an Owl Early in the Morning

  • Owls are seen as a certain boon to your fortune, particularly if they are spotted in your neighborhood early in the day.
  • An owl’s presence is regarded as a favor for the day because the morning is thought to be a potent spiritual time.
  • The promise of good fortune and luck for the day is represented by seeing an owl in the morning, whether it is in front of your house, perched on a tree, or visible in the sky.
  • When this kind of situation arises, people usually make a mental intention and take a few minutes to meditate before moving forward because sighting an owl in the morning is considered auspicious.

When Your Right Armed Is Tattooed with an Owl

  • Getting a tattoo of an owl on your right arm is regarded as auspicious and protective.
  • It’s said that getting a tattoo will inspire creativity and have an impact on your rational side.
  • It also deflects bad energy, especially the evil eye, and acts as a barrier against psychic assaults.
  • If you dreamed that you had an owl tattooed on your right arm, it would mean that the universe was shielding you from bad things.
  • It is advised to be aware of this protection and to actively look for an owl tattoo on your right arm in order to ward against bad dreams.

When an Owl Stares you

  • The white owl, which frequently appears during depressing times, is revered in the spiritual world for its innocence and purity.
  • The white owl enters your life to bring about good changes and restore order when things are not going well.
  • An owl’s look is said to clear misunderstanding, while the color white is a symbol of optimism.
  • It is said that being around a white owl will raise your spiritual energy and help your chakras become more balanced.
  • It is said that seeing a white owl will bring good fortune and inspire optimism for the future.

When an Owl Start to Hoot

  • Owl hooting is interpreted as a sign of heard prayers.
  • The owl is thought to arrive in answer to your prayers, much as how an angel appeared to Daniel to offer guidance.
  • Owing to the possibility that your guardian angel is an owl, the hoot is a major sign of a prayer answered.
  • It is stressed that listening for the owl’s hoot is a surefire way to have good fortune and see your prayers fulfilled.
Are Owls Symbol of Good Luck

When an Owl Close One Eye to Spell as Good Luck?

Despite the widespread misconception that an owl closing one eye is a lucky charm, there is a functional reason for this behavior. Owls can’t move their forward-facing eyes on their own, so they tilt their heads to make up for it. They are adept hunters in low light because they can preserve depth perception and distance awareness by closing one eye.

5 Superstitions

Owls Bring HarvestOwls around farmland signal harvest; their presence indicates appreciation from the universe, bringing blessings and productivity.
An Owl Brings Good LuckOwl poop on your shirt signifies good luck and prosperity, attracting positive energy. Maintain a positive mindset to embrace the good luck message.
Spiritual SensitivityOwl’s night presence indicates heightened spiritual sensitivity, crucial for understanding spiritual signals and opportunities for positive change.
Owls Bring ProtectionOwl talismans symbolize protection against evil; dreaming of an owl’s tattoo on the right arm indicates spiritual protection from negative energies and the evil eye.
Clears Your EnvironmentOwls symbolize clearing unwanted elements; their presence indicates removal of negativity. When they fly away, it signifies a cleared, positive, and healthy environment.
Are Owls Symbol of Good Luck

Dispelling Myths About Owls

  • Owls and Bad Luck:
  • Myth: Owls are considered unlucky or death-signs.
  • Reality: Superstitions about owls bring ill luck just like any other; in fact, these beliefs have caused owls to be feared and avoided in many civilizations.
  • Owls as Witches’ Messengers:
  • Myth: Witches send owls as messages.
  • Reality: Unlike in myths, owls don’t usually communicate with humans and don’t carry messages.
  • Owls and Wisdom:
  • Myth: Owls are naturally intelligent.
  • Reality: Physical attributes contribute to the perception of wisdom, although owls can be slow and obstinate, particularly when kept in captivity.
  • Touching Baby Owls:
  • Myth: A mother owl would abandon her young if you touch it.
  • Reality: If their young are handled, owl parents usually won’t abandon them; still, for your own health and safety, stay away from needless contact.
  • Owls Eating Babies:
  • Myth: Human newborns can be eaten and carried off by owls.
  • Reality: Almost impossible; owls are not able to physically carry human babies and do not view them as prey.
  • Eating Owl Parts for Better Vision:
  • Myth: Eating owl eyes or eggs improves eyesight.
  • Reality: There’s no scientific evidence to support such ideas, and eating owl parts doesn’t make people see better.
  • Owls Hooting to Ward off Evil:
  • Myth: As night watchmen, owls fend off evil with their hoots.
  • The reason owls hoot is not to ward off evil, but rather to communicate with other owls; different owl noises have varied functions.

Owls Are Good Feng shui?

Think about the owl’s attributes and how you would like to accentuate them in areas of your life and house, just like you would with other powerful feng shui animals. In feng shui, owls are regarded as both information keepers and defenders. Find the most fortunate location for your owls using a basic bagua map.

Are Owls Symbol of Good Luck

Put Owls into your Work Place

An owl figurine in your house or place of business amplifies positive energy in the domains of creativity, children, knowledge, and careers.

  • An owl exhibit arranged over your mantelpiece honors the value you place on learning in your household.
  • A picture of an owl in your conference room’s travel, helpful individuals, or renown and reputation section may sway agreements and negotiations in your favor.

Symbol of Putting the Owls outside your House ?

The external feng shui owl is always preventing bad luck from happening on your property since it is in defense mode.

  • A decorative owl sculpture or a pigeon-hater owl (a lifelike resin or plastic owl intended to frighten away vermin) should be placed outside a home or office with its back to the front door or main entrance.
  • Employ an owl positioned to face a busy street when your residence is perpendicular to the direction of traffic. Rushing traffic produces a poison arrow that can cause one to become ill or prosperous. The owl’s presence deflects the energy of poisonous arrows, allowing only positive chi, or good energy, to enter your home.

IN Paris Owls bring Good Luck?

The protection and intellect of owls provide a screen against misfortune and physical threats, draw knowledgeable mentors, and foster clear, visionary thinking. You can also strengthen your friendship in your bedroom by using a pair of amiable owl figurines.

Owls Charm Meaning

Since owls have long been associated with art and culture, owl charm jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets, as well as statuettes, are given as good luck presents to those who are taking exams and tests. This is because, coincidentally, the extra knowledge or wisdom that owls are said to be able to impart would undoubtedly be very beneficial.

Are Owls Symbol of Good Luck

Owls Facts

  • Owls are unusual birds that are both mysterious and fascinating.
  • They have big eyes that can rotate independently, giving them the ability to look in several directions at once.
  • Owls have exceptionally sensitive hearing; certain species are even able to distinguish very faint sounds.
  • Owls’ huge wingspans and soft feathers allow for stealthy flight, which is an adaptation for their nocturnal hunting lifestyle.
  • Different owl species have tailored feathers or beaks to suit their preferred prey.

IN Islam and Hinduism

Cultural PerspectiveBelief about Owls
Global/CommonOwls are often considered symbols of wisdom and good luck.
IslamOwls are often seen positively in Islamic culture as symbols of intellect and wisdom. They are not thought to bring bad luck, and some academics even see them as acceptable birds.
HinduismThe Hindu religion has different associations with owls. Some believe them to be messengers of good fortune, while others connect them to Lakshmi, the goddess of riches. Nonetheless, there are also myths that advise against following some owl superstitions.

Mythology of Owls

Athena is the goddess of war and wisdom in Greek mythology. She is portrayed as an owl, and owls are both her familiar and the energy that enables her to perceive the complete picture. In Indo-European tradition, the owl is associated with protection and wisdom, but the ancient Chinese had a more complex perspective on the bird.

Magic of Owls

Similar to traditional Mediterranean societies, owl attributes in Asia were associated with wisdom, intuition (the ability to see in the dark), and the shield of protection. Because they can hunt at night and have nocturnal tendencies, owls have historically been connected to black magic.

Are Owls Symbol of Good Luck

Owls Color Meanings

Black Owls
Symbols of spiritual protection and self-reflection.
White Owls
Drivers of change and deep connection with higher selves.
Grey Owls
Represent balance, trust, and encourage bigger-picture thinking.


  1. Are Owls Considered Good Luck in All Cultures?
  • No, different cultures have different views on owls. Although they are regarded by many as lucky charms and wise symbols, in some cultures they are connected to death or ill luck.
  1. Is There a Universal Symbolism for Owls?
  • No, owls have a variety of symbolic meanings. They are frequently linked to wisdom, although depending on one’s culture and personal beliefs, interpretations might range from good qualities to cautions.
  1. Are Owls Considered Bad Luck in Any Culture?
  • Indeed, owls are seen as prophets of death or bad luck in several societies. These ideas could give rise to superstitions and anxieties about seeing owls.
  1. Do Owls Bring Prosperity or Wealth in Some Beliefs?
  • Yes, owls are considered symbols of fortune in Hinduism and are linked to the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi.
  1. Why Are Owls Sometimes Feared or Considered Sinister?
  • Superstitions and stories in some cultures can be the source of owl fear. Their eerie sounds and nighttime behavior make some people think negatively of the unknown.
  1. Can Owls Bring Protection?
  • Indeed, owls are regarded as protective emblems that ward off evil energies in many civilizations. Owl talismans or figurines are occasionally used to provide psychic protection.
  1. Is the Belief in Owls Bringing Good or Bad Luck Scientifically Supported?
  • No, there is no scientific proof that owls bring good fortune; instead, the idea is more cultural and symbolic. Although owls play a significant role in ecosystems, their impact on luck is arbitrary and differs among people and societies.

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