How to Design Eye-Catching Custom Bubble Mailers for Your Business

In today’s cutthroat competition, product packaging acts as a powerful tool as it influences the customer to take note of the product. Professional use and consequent brand name visibility can be achieved when you use custom bubble mailers for your products to ensure they will not get damaged during transfer.

In this article, the main steps to create beautiful custom bubble mailers are discussed, main aspects related to the selection of base materials, and basic tips on how to design bubble mailers for the best recognition of your brand are also considered. Also, we will provide you answers to some common questions to enable you to make needed decisions.

Understanding Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers, also known as padded envelopes, are lightweight packaging materials used to transport goods with minimal damage. They include a hard outer shell and a second layer of bubble wrap.

Companies can order custom bubble mailers designed to align with their brand image, making them ideal for standing out in competitive markets.

Benefits of Custom Bubble Mailers

Other than the fundamental function of protecting the product, custom bubble mailers have various advantages. They are arguably the best marketing strategy instruments since they help create an outstanding unboxing experience for your customers. Here are some advantages of using custom bubble mailers for your business:

Brand Visibility

In addition to protection, bubble mailer sizes offer ample space for imprinting company logos, colors, and messages, allowing for creative branding.

This results in a large coverage of the branding, right from the moment the package is received and is an assurance that your branding will be greatly noticed.

Customer Experience

Even a well-designed bubble mailer can be noticed by the customer and its quality contributes to the customer experience especially if it pertains to the unboxing experience. A well-wrapped and packaged delivery enhances the satisfaction of receiving a package.

Opening a well-constructed bubble mailer reflects your company’s commitment to delivering both the product and a quality packaging experience. This positive unboxing experience can turn into a memorable experience for the customer making them feel appreciated for their purchase.


High-quality bubble mailers give a perception of professionalism to the people who are receiving your item and hence increase their confidence in your company. When merchandise is packed in superior quality and designed mailers, this tells the clients that your company is serious about the quality of your products.

The management of this minutiae offers tremendous receptor value to the shipment making it more than just a delivery. It comforts the clients that indeed your corporate entity is cherishing its stock and is concerned about how they are received.

Choosing the Right Materials

When selecting bubble mailer types, it’s crucial to consider the appropriate materials. The most common materials include:

  • Poly Bubble Mailers: Made from polyethylene, these are known for their durability and water resistance. They are especially suitable for delivery of goods not prone to breaking and can be branded with bright colors.
  • Kraft Bubble Mailers: Made from paper, these are environmentally advantageous due to reduced emissions of hazardous gases. They have a more rugged appearance and can be printed with logos and designs.
  • Metallic Bubble Mailers: Made from foil-type material, these are ideal for special promotions or adding a touch of glamour.

Designing Your Custom Bubble Mailers

Designing eye-catching custom bubble mailers involves several steps:

  • Define Your Brand Identity: Your bubble mailer design should include your brand identity. Think about your brand colors, the logo, and the general outlook of your mailers when designing them.
  • Choose the Right Bubble Mailer Sizes: There are bubble mailers of different sizes. Choose sizes that give a good clearance on your products but are not too tight or too loose.
  • Use High-Quality Graphics: Ensure all images incorporated into the design are high resolution to avoid pixelation when printed. This is crucial for maintaining a professional appearance.
  • Include Essential Information: Your custom bubble mailers should include information such as your company name, logo, website, phone number, and email address. This reinforces your brand image.

Printing Techniques

The finish that is applied to your bubble mailers will go a long way in determining the final look of your bubble mailers. Common printing techniques include:

  • Flexographic Printing: This one entails the use of flexible plates for an offset transfer of ink onto the bubble mailers. This is cheaper and ideal for running large numbers of copies on the press.
  • Digital Printing: Digital print is mostly suitable for short runs and yields high-quality image density and hue and lovely knife plates.
  • Screen Printing: Most suitable for designs that are wittingly designed and come in a few colors, screen printing gives a long-lasting quality.

Customization Options

To make your custom bubble mailers truly unique, consider these customization options:

  • Color Choices: Select colors that harmonize with your firm’s identity. Using a mix of colors ensures eye-catching mailers.
  • Special Finishes: Bubble mailers typically come in plain white, but you can order them with a special finish for extra shine, such as matte, metallic, or another unique sheen.
  • Custom Padded Mailers: Custom padded mailers provide added security with extra cushioning for delicate items, if necessary.

Ordering Bubble Mailers in Bulk

Businesses that frequently ship products can benefit from purchasing bubble mailers in large quantities. Bulk or wholesale orders are cost-effective due to discounts offered by many suppliers. For bulk bubble mailer orders, ensure clear information on quantities and sizes to avoid overstocking.

Sustainability Considerations

With rising environmental awareness, integrating sustainable practices into your packaging is essential. Look for suppliers that use post-consumer recycled or biodegradable materials for bubble mailers. Additionally, consider ordering simple designs that require minimal ink during production.

Measuring the Impact

After integrating custom bubble mailers into your business, it’s crucial to assess their impact. Measure the effectiveness of your packaging strategy using quantitative data, including customer feedback, repeat purchases, and brand awareness.


To elaborate, branding your bubble mailers appropriately is a sure way of making your bubble mailers stand out, making your customers remember your company while at the same time, displaying professionalism.

When choosing the materials, using the best methods when printing your packaging, and including features such as high-quality branding, complicated designs, and vivid colors, you can provide your products with an excellent cover while at the same time advertising your brand.

Ponder on sustainability and purchase it in bulk to obtain the best value for the money for the use of custom bubble mailers. Thus, if you follow these tips, you are putting yourself on the right track to attaining a long-lasting brand image and customer satisfaction with every shipment.


1. How can I ensure my custom bubble mailers are eco-friendly?

To ensure your custom bubble mailers are eco-friendly, choose materials that are recyclable or biodegradable, such as kraft bubble mailers. Additionally, work with suppliers that prioritize sustainable practices and consider using minimalistic designs to reduce ink usage.

2. What are the benefits of ordering bubble mailers in bulk?

Ordering bubble mailers in bulk can lead to significant cost savings and ensure you have a consistent supply of packaging materials. Bulk orders often come with discounts, making them a cost-effective option for businesses that ship products frequently.

3. How do I choose the right size for my bubble mailers?

Choosing the right size for your bubble mailers involves considering the dimensions of the products you plan to ship. Ensure the mailer is large enough to accommodate the item without excessive movement but not so large that it requires additional padding to fill the space.

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